House Republicans Respond to Governor’s 11th Hour Property Tax Plan

(Colorado State Capitol, May 1st, 2023) – Today, Governor Jared Polis unveiled what he is calling a “transformative plan” to address Colorado’s property tax rates that will increase substantially unless action is taken by the state legislature. 
In response to the last-minute effort by Democrats, Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R-Wellington) issued the following statement:
“While we at the Capitol were making too many new laws that were way too expensive, real Coloradans across the state have been opening up their mail and finding tax bills they cannot pay. Democrats and the Governor waited until the last minute to fix a problem they knew was coming all along.  House Republicans have been raising this urgent issue for months, if not longer,” stated Leader Lynch. “The Democrats cannot treat TABOR like an ATM machine to resolve the state’s financial issues, most of which are self-inflicted.  The people of Colorado should be skeptical of the Governor’s hastily introduced plan with only one week left in the session.  He seems to want to convince us this plan will solve all financial shortfalls, such as school funding, teacher pay, fire and police, and resolve Colorado’s property tax issues for homeowners and businesses.  Given this sugar-coated plan must be approved by voters, it’s concerning the Governor has no PLAN B if it fails.”
Representative Lisa Frizell’s (R-Castle Rock) bill HB23-1054Property Valuation, was voted down by Democrats in the Finance committee on March 9th, 2023.  Rep. Frizell’s bill would have eliminated the 2023 property reassessment for most classes of property and would have made additional changes to property valuations and assessment rates for the 2023 and 2024 property tax years.

House Assistant Minority Leader Rose Pugliese (R-Colorado Springs) and Rep. Frizell’s bill SB23-108Allowing Temporary Reductions In Property Tax Due, passed the Senate on March 1st and is still awaiting to be heard in the House.  Their bill specifies that local governments may administer temporary tax credits or mill levy reductions for the purpose of providing temporary property tax relief.
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Three Republican-Sponsored Bills Signed Into Law

Three Republican-Sponsored Bills Signed Into Law
(Colorado State Capitol, April 25th, 2023) – Today, Representative Ron Weinberg (R-Loveland), Representative Marc Catlin (R-Montrose), and Representative Rod Bockenfeld (R-Watkins) had their bills signed into law by Governor Jared Polis. These bills help Colorado’s Agriculture community and government transparency in the Colorado Department of Transportation.Rep. Weinberg’s bill HB23-1011, CONSUMER RIGHT TO REPAIR AG EQUIPMENT,”incorporates agricultural equipment into the existing consumer right-to-repair statutes.Rep. Catlin’s bill HB23-1094, EXTEND AGRICULTURAL WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM,” modifies the agricultural workforce development program to allow internships to last up to a year and extends the program repeal date by seven years.Rep. Bockenfeld’s bill SB23-268, TEN-YEAR TRANSPORTATION PLAN INFORMATION,” The bill instructs the Colorado Department of Transportation to provide certain information in its ten-year transportation plans and to designate a staff member as a contact to answer questions on transportation projects for state and local elected officials.The Colorado House Republican sponsors worked tirelessly to ensure these bills were drafted and passed into law.  We look forward to seeing the positive effects of this legislation on our state and are committed to continuing our work to improve the lives of the people of Colorado.
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Gunnison Housing – Can You Afford It?

People believe what they want to believe.  But when reality hits, it HAPPENS ABRUPTLY.

First it was the cost of a gallon of gas, next groceries, and now the real estate taxes on homes.  The Gunnison Times and William Spicer from the County Assessor’s Office alerted us last week to expect the appraised values in Gunnison County to go up 40-70% this year as a basis to compute your taxes.  Add the new school bond payments on top of the new appraisals and expect a huge increase in your tax bill next January.

Full disclosure: my property taxes increased 57% between 2017 and 2023.

If you rent, expect your landlord to increase your rent by an equal amount or greater.

Looking to buy a new home? To qualify, you must prove to the bank that you can afford a mortgage rate of 6.5%, the higher real estate taxes, and utilities that have increased 10% this past year.

Starting May 1st, a home buyer who diligently earned credit scores over 740, by paying their bills on time, will pay $40 more a month in mortgage payments for a $400,000 loan. That’s $14,000 extra over the term of the loan.  Why?  Joe Biden’ Federal Housing Finance agency LLPA rule mandates you to fund bad credit buyers with your contribution. Credit scores under 620 will get a 1.75% discount!

It’s like making the people who obey the speed limit pay the tickets of the violators.

Isn’t that reminiscent of the 2008 housing bubble, where the federal government promoted buyers who could not afford the loans to begin with?

Can I say this loud enough?  Government overreach is controlling more of your life every day.  Did you vote for this?  Will you vote for this again?

It all starts so slowly, then abruptly, we get hit with it all at once!

Neil Watko


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Rep Marc Catlin’s Call to Action for Mental Health

Representative Marc Catlin Needs Help to Get $11 Million
for Mental Health on Western Slope

Denver, Colorado – Representative Marc Catlin is asking for the public’s help to consider, respectfully, calling or emailing the members of the Joint Conference Committee by 12 April. The members of the committee are considering removing an $11 million in one-time funds which will go toward supporting contracts for 30 additional inpatient psychiatric beds on the Western Slope. The counties of Montrose, Montezuma, and Gunnison will all receive funds from the general fund to pay for additional mental health care and services. Each county’s psychiatric bed capacity will be increased by 10 beds.

Representative Marc Catlin successfully passed an amendment through the House of Representatives, which appropriated $10,950,000 of the General Fund to go through the Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health and Forensic Services to three stated counties on the Western Slope.

Senator Rachel
Senator Jeff
Senator Barbara
Representative Shannon
Representative Emily
Representative Rod

 Thank you for your support,


Committees Assignments 

  • Vice Chair of House Agriculture, Water, and Natural Resources 
  • Ranking Member of House Transportation, Housing, and Local Government
  • Member of Capital Development Committee
  • Member of Interim Agriculture & Water Resources Review Committee 

Cell: 970-209-3436
Office: 303-866-2955 

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Full Minority Caucus Signs Letter Supporting Colorado State Patrol& Sergeants-at-Arms

(Colorado State Capitol, April 10th, 2023) – House Minority Leader Mike Lynch, along with the 19 House Republican members, sent the following letter to the Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader addressing the events of last week involving our Colorado State Patrol and Sergeants-at-Arms.
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Senator Perry Will’s Legislative Update – March 29, 2023
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House Democrats Use“Nuclear Option” toSilence the Minority

(Colorado State Capitol, March 25th, 2023) – Over the last two days, the Colorado House Republicans did what we were elected to do; force debate and discussion on far-reaching legislation with serious consequences for Coloradans. After many hours of honest and crucial policy arguments, the Colorado House Democrats invoked Rule 14, or “Nuclear Option” for the House of Representatives. The final vote against implementing Rule 14 was bipartisan, yet not enough to keep it from infringing on our ability to speak.

This drastic move is historic in nature. It’s not easily known when the last time Rule 14 was used in the House, but some familiar with the state legislature date it back to at least 2007. The use of Rule 14 to silence the minority – a minority that represents over 40% of voters and the vast majority of geographic area – should shock anyone who believes in the importance of the democratic process.

In response to the Democrats invoking Rule 14, Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R-Wellington) issued the following statement:

“This is an historic and appalling move by the majority to silence the voice of the minority. The legislature is the place for honest and lengthy debate, and this drastic step removes that ability for the minority to represent their constituents effectively,” Rep. Lynch stated. “Today will be looked back upon as a dark day for the democratic process in Colorado. It is not enough to have the votes to pass legislation already; now, they don’t even want to hear our voices.”

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WOW, What a Week

Can you believe all the events of the past week?

Not one, not two, but three US banks need a bail out.

One bank had Barney Frank on the Board of Directors. Remember him? The Democrat Congressman who sculpted the legislation so that the 2008 financial crisis wouldn’t happen again. How could Sovereign Bank manage to go down with Bernie on board?

Silicone Valley Bank became the third largest US bank to fail.  How could that happen when the CEO is a member of the San Francisco Federal Reserve?  Two items to note, 1) SVB had a vacant risk management position for the last nine months, no one to watch that deposits were evaporating. 2) But let’s give them three-atta boys and an A+ for ESG and for giving BLM $73 million.  $73million bought some nice mansions for the three BLM leaders!

200 additional banks are on the watch list.  The US banking system is currently insolvent thanks to the Fed and the FDIC.  $18 trillion in deposits “insured” by $100 billion in treasuries.  Great job by the Biden appointed Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen of raising interest rates at an historic rate.

Russia shoots down a $32 million US MQ-9 Reaper drone.  Putin hands out medals the next day to Russia’s pilots for their bravery.  Crickets from Joe Biden.  Isn’t that an act of war?

Remember Russia-Russia-Russia and the $32 Million Mueller investigation of Donald Trump?  All based on the FALSE Steele dossier.  It’s now reported that the Federal Election Commission fined the Hillary Clinton campaign $113,000 for using campaign money to pay for the FALSE Steele dossier. Hmm.

Now for the piece de resistance.  Congressional Oversight Committee receives bank records that the Biden family received over $1 million from The Chinese Communist Party via a Hunter business associate, Robinson Walker, LLC.

Here are the bank records:

BTW, this is the first of eleven reports of foreign money flowing into the Biden family.  The BIG question is what product or service did the Biden family provide to the CCP, Russia, or Ukraine ???

Time for the “Don’t look THERE, look HERE” strategy by the DNC.  The day after this report is exposed the DNC decides to give some “red meat” to their lemmings. Soros funded DA from New York, Alvin Bragg, decides to do what other Federal Courts and the Federal Elections Commission decided to pass on, indict Donald Trump.  Good luck with any conviction Alvin, your key witnesses are a porn star and lawyer who served three years in prison for tax evasion, and making false statements.

Just like the Mueller Investigation, the two erroneous impeachment attempts, and the investigation into Trump’s taxes, Alvin will come up empty.  Another “swing and a miss”.

But hey, if Trump’s arrest keeps you from seeing the obvious Biden failures, we have one to two new feet of snow in paradise to keep you from seeing reality.

Neil Watko

Gunnison GOP

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April 1st, 2023

Location: ALMONT RESORT, Almont, Colorado

Check-in begins at 8:00; meetings begin promptly at 8:30

The principal purposes of the meeting will be:

¨  Review proposed bylaws changes submitted by the Bylaws Committee and vote regarding their adoption.


¨  To conduct all other business that may properly come before the County Republican Central Committee and each of the respective district political party central committees.

Dated and respectfully submitted this 19th day of March, 2023. Stu Asay Chairman, Gunnison County Republican Central Committee.

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Senator Will’s Legislative Roundup – March 14, 2023

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