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POLICY: Rep. Lauren Boebert Leads Fight Against BLM Land Grab, Frisch Feebly Follows

Back in May, Rep. Lauren Boebert co-sponsored HR3397 which would rescind a BLM so-called “conservation rule” which is in fact a land grab to prevent 3rd District ranchers and farmers from using public lands. The Congresswoman has been fighting this rule since then, including at a hearing in June and has continued to advocate for the removal of this rule.
This morning, nearly 5 months after the Congresswoman announced her opposition to it, Adam Frisch took the Congresswoman’s press release from June, reworked it and submitted it as an “original” op-ed for publication in the Daily Sentinel. I would strongly suggest you read the Congresswoman’s June press release and then read Frisch’s phony op-ed today here. The similarities are uncanny!
From describing the rule as “so-called” to highlighting the out-of-touch Denver hearing on this bill, as well as listing almost word-for-word the exact same order of issues (grazing, fire-mitigation, recreation), this is an unoriginal and pathetic attempt from Frisch to feebly stake out the exact same position as the Congresswoman, but only 5 months later and in a slightly reworked fashion. He must have gotten some negative feedback at the recent Club 20 retreat for failing to stand up against this rule!
Now would be a great time for supporters of the Congresswoman to write into the Daily Sentinel with a Letter to the Editor asking why it took Frisch nearly 5 months to come to the same conclusion as Congresswoman Boebert on this issue and why his op-ed was nearly a beat-for-beat reproduction of her June press release.
Key takeaways:
-Rep. Lauren Boebert has been publicly fighting against the so-called “Conservation Rule” proposed by BLM since May and has co-sponsored HR3397 to rescind the rule.
-In a pathetic and late attempt to make amends with ranchers, farmers, and advocacy organizations like Club 20, Adam Frisch submitted an op-ed to the Daily Sentinel today that is a nearly identical in phrasing and rips off the exact same issues with the rule highlighted in a June press release from Congresswoman Boebert.
-Frisch is attempting to paint himself as an ally of ranchers and farmers, but his weak attempt is far too late to be taken seriously and should be called out publicly by 3rd District voters.

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