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Gunnison County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner A Success

        A crowd of 100+ had an enjoyable evening Saturday night eating 5B's Barbeque while listening to CD3 candidates & GWSD school board candidates, Cori Dobson, Lisa Henry & Greg Kruthaupt. CD3 State Board of Education Representive,...

ISSUE BRIEF: Rep. Lauren Boebert Standing Up For Veterans

Attached for your use is a one-page brief that highlights the work Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has done for our veterans since serving in Congress. This is a very important issue that we will need your help on in setting the record straight, so please do not hesitate...

Rep. Lauren Boebert Protects Coloradans’ TABOR Refunds From IRS

Yesterday afternoon, Rep. Lauren Boebert sent a letter to the IRS demanding they rescind their recently released guidance that would potentially tax the TABOR refunds of Coloradans. You can watch coverage of the letter from CBS here. Key takeaways: -Rep. Lauren...

POLL: Rep. Lauren Boebert & Democrat Opponent Locked In Tight Race

Yesterday morning, Democrat Adam Frisch released a poll his campaign bought and commissioned that showed him and Rep. Lauren Boebert in a statistical dead heat. You can read more about the findings from the poll here at Axios. It's important for supporters of the...

Dark-Money Group Misfires On Attack Against Rep. Lauren Boebert

Earlier this week, progressive dark-money group Rocky Mountain Values launched another attack against Congresswoman Lauren Boebert with more smears designed to mislead voters and not tell the truth about the Congresswoman's voting record. You can read...

Meet the newly elected Colorado GOP Vice-Chairwoman

    Meet your newly elected Vice-Chairwoman, Hope Scheppelman. Introducing Hope Scheppelman, the new Colorado Republican Party Vice-Chairwoman. She was elected by the State Central Committee this past Saturday in Castle Rock.Please join us in sending her a...

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