We are the proud party of Abraham Lincoln.  We believe in individual freedom not government control. We believe everyone should be treated equally and fairly.  We believe in personal responsibility, quality education, caring for children, the elderly and disabled. We believe in responsible stewardship of our planet.

Gunnison County Republicans believe in open dialogue and transparency when it comes to government oversight of us whether locally, statewide or nationally. We believe in wise fiscal policy, civil and human rights, smaller government, reduced regulation and reasonable taxes to fund the necessary functions of government.  We are concerned citizens involved in local, state, and national political issues.  Our local Gunnison County Republican Central Committee (GCRCC) exists to support candidates that we feel have the integrity and capacity to become effective leaders in local, state and federal government.  We do this through development, fundraising, voter awareness, voter registration, and election supervision.

Gunnison County Republicans offer information for Gunnison County residents who would like to be better informed of the issues locally.  Please join the conversation on our Facebook Page!