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NEWS: Rep. Lauren Boebert Bill To Delist Gray Wolf Passes House

As part of last week’s Interior Appropriations Bill, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert got her Trust The Science Act passed through the House which delists the gray wolf from the endangered species list. This is a bill backed by major livestock and agricultural groups across Colorado and the U.S. who are unable to adequately protect their livestock from gray wolf attacks.
While Colorado is beginning the reintroduction of gray wolves to the state by the end of the year, Rep. Boebert’s bill is an example of her taking national action on a local issue that affects her constituents. In the 2020 Proposition 114 vote to reintroduce gray wolves, 23 of 27 counties in the 3rd District voted No.
Key takeaways:
-Rep. Lauren Boebert now has five bills as the prime sponsor that have passed through the House of Representatives, most recently being her Trust The Science Act which delists the gray wolf as an endangered species.
-The bill has broad support from agricultural and livestock groups who know the damage gray wolves will do to ranchers and farmers in Colorado. In 2020, 23 of 27 3rd District counties voted against the reintroduction of gray wolves which shows Rep. Boebert is listening to her constituents and taking action.

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