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FACT CHECK: Rocky Mountain Values Smears Rep. Lauren Boebert AGAIN

After taking a few weeks off in light of their summer attacks going nowhere, progressive dark-money group Rocky Mountain Values is back to smearing Rep. Lauren Boebert on TV channels across the 3rd District. Their latest ad accuses Rep. Boebert of voting against lowering the costs of insulin, and claims the Congresswoman supports drug companies making a higher profit off of Americans.
Here’s what you need to know about this ad:
-One of the bills referenced in this ad is the Inflation Reduction Act, which Congresswoman Lauren Boebert absolutely and proudly voted against. The bill was jam-packed with Green New Deal-like components and did nothing to actually reduce inflation, which was admitted by both Joe Biden and Joe Manchin. The IRA has hurt America’s economy and has done nothing to stop rising costs and rates that harm Americans.
-The second bill referenced would have added an additional $11 billion to our debt without any way of paying it off, as well as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office scoring it as likely to drive up the cost of health care premiums for all Americans.
When you get questions about this ad, please feel free to share this information and the truth about how this provision was wrapped up into the Inflation Reduction Act and was a net negative for all Americans.

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