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Register Today for Boebert’s Brigade Boot Camp!

Boebert’s Brigade Grassroots Activist Boot Camp

Round 2 On November 14th


We are less than ONE YEAR from the 2024 general election and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert needs your help today!

On November 14th, we’re starting our second round of Boebert’s Brigade Grassroots Activist Boot Camp on Zoom where supporters will learn how to advocate for Congresswoman Boebert in a number of critical ways.

You can join one Zoom workshop on a specific topic or attend multiple Zoom classes to learn critical skills like promoting the results the Congresswoman has delivered for the 3rd District, ballot harvesting, writing Letters to the Editor, directly contacting voters, or using social media to advocate for Congresswoman Boebert.

If you joined us in October, feel free to join us again for a refresher or help us invite your friends and family so they can get educated on how to help Congresswoman Boebert in the 2024 election cycle!

Sign up below to get registered today for Boebert’s Brigade Grassroots Activist Boot Camp!

Tuesday, November 14, 6:30pm MST: Messaging + Results

Tuesday, November 14, 8:00pm MST: Writing Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, November 15, 6:30pm MST: Using Social Media

Wednesday, November 15, 8:00pm MST: Ballot Harvesting

Thursday, November 16, 6:30pm MST: Ballot Harvesting

Thursday, November 16, 8:00pm MST: Contacting Voters

Far-left progressives have already spent over $1.2 million in dark money to attack Congresswoman Boebert, but the grassroots support in the 3rd District and across the country for her can be the difference in November 2024!

Help us by spreading the word to your friends, family, and neighbors to join Boebert’s Brigade and start taking action to re-elect Congresswoman Lauren Boebert in 2024!

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