Office of U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert
Weekly Policy Items

*Cosponsored = Bill
*Signed = Letter
June 21-June 25, 2021
• Introduced Resolution to Censure President Biden for his mismanagement of the
Southern Border Crisis
• Cosponsored Rep. Good’s bill to prohibit federal funding for Obama-era Central
American Minors Program that allows illegals are allowed to petition the government to
have their relatives transported to the U.S. using taxpayer dollars.
• Cosigned Rep. Biggs’ letter to McConnell and McCarthy urging them to stand with us in
defending the sanctity of life and reject any proposal made by President Biden or
Congressional Democrats that does not include strong pro-life protections, specifically
the Hyde amendment.
• Cosigned RSC letter to President Biden in response to his budget request for FY2022.
The letter expresses concern with his removal of longstanding bipartisan pro-life
protections that prevent taxpayers from funding abortion, including the Hyde
• Cosponsored Whip Scalise’s resolution affirming opposition to any carbon tax.
• Cosigned Rep. Yvette Herrell’s letter to Natural Resources Committee Chairman, Senator
Manchin, expressing opposition to the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to be the
director of the Bureau of Land Management. Letter opposes her nomination and calls her
unfit for the role.
• Cosponsored Rep. Kuster’s SHRED Act to allow a portion of fees that federal land
resorts generate annually to be retained and used by FS for things such as administration,
visitor services, and Avalanche safety programs.
Veterans Affairs• Cosigned Rep. Rosendale’s letter to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs opposing the VA’s
recent announcement that it will begin providing and covering sex reassignment
surgeries. The letter highlights the burden this puts on the taxpayers, scientific studies
confirming the danger associated with this surgery, and that providing and covering these
surgeries is incompatible with the mission of the Veteran’s Health Administration.
Foreign Policy
• Cosponsored Rep. Jeff Duncan’s TELL Act that will encourage the Federal Trade
Commission to enforce rules notify Americans if their data has been compromised to the
Chinese. There is a huge issue in the transparency of data sharing through common
practices including simply transferring data to China and exposing American data to
companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party. Failing to disclose, or presenting
false information, will result in civil fines from the FTC.
• Signed Rep. Roy and Sen. Lee’s letter to IRS Commissioner Rettig regarding the recent
denial of tax-exempt status to a Christian non-profit because it is “engaged in prohibited
political campaign intervention.” Specifically, the IRS alleges that Christians Engaged’s
(the non-profit) “…bible teachings are typically affiliated with the [Republican] party and
candidates.” The letter urges IRS Commissioner Rettig to immediately review Christians
Engaged’s application for 501(c)(3) status personally, and terminate the IRS staff
involved in the flawed and politically motivated reasoning behind the determination.
• Cosponsored Rep. Smith and Sen. Barasso’s HR 3796, the ELITE Vehicles Act that
would repeal the Section 30D, electric vehicle tax credit which gives electric vehicle
buyers a federal income tax credit up to $7500 for the purchase of a new vehicle.
• Singed the Transportation and Infrastructure committee’s letter to EPA Administrator
Regan and Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army Pinkham, responding to the
Administration’s recent actions on WOTUS.
• Signed Rep. Emmer’s letter to HHS Secretary Becerra regarding the recently released,
updated Provider Relief Fund guidance. The letter asks the Secretary to correct this
guidance before June 30th when numerous rural providers may be forced to return PRF
money. This letter does not ask for more funds, but rather asks HHS to extend the
deadline and easing reporting requirements for rural hospitals to spend the already
allocated funds.
• Signed Rep. Palazzo’s letter to Secretary Blinken regarding flags being flown at State
Department locations around the world. These US embassies are a reflection of the United States as a whole, and there is no reason for any unauthorized flag to fly on the
same flagpole at the American flag.
• Cosponsored Rep. Budd’s amendment to the SURFACE Act to strips out every earmark.
• Signed Rep. Tenney’s amicus brief for NYSRPA v Corlett. If the plaintiffs in NYSRPA
v. Corlett succeed it will be the biggest victory for the Second Amendment since DC v.
Heller. A law-abiding citizen should not need a reason to practice their constitutional
rights and legally carry a firearm outside their own home.
• Cosponsored Rep. Tenney’s bill to amend the IRC to prohibit 501(c)(3) tax exempt
organizations from providing direct funding to official election organizations.
June 14-June 18, 2021
• Cosponsored Rep. Massie’s bill to prohibit any requirement that a member of the Armed
Forces receive a vaccination against COVID-19.
• Cosponsored Rep Roy’s bill to immediately end the enhanced federal unemployment
benefit provided under the CARES Act.
• Cosponsored Rep. Biggs’ bill to amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to provide
for improved precision in the listing, delisting, and downlisting of endangered species
and potentially endangered species.
• Cosponsored Rep. Gohmert’s bill to honor Officer Evans without confusing with Jan. 6.
June 7-June 11, 2021
• Signed Rep. Pfluger and Westerman’s letter to Secretary Deb Haaland regarding the Fish
and Wildlife Service’s decision to list lesser prairie chickens under the Endangered
Species Act.
• Signed Rep. Grothman’s letter calling on Biden to relieve VP Harris of her border crisis
• Signed Rep. McMorris-Rodgers’ letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra regarding his
recent failure to respond to Member questions on partial-birth abortion at a Committee
hearing. • Signed Reps. Luetkemeyer & Hartzler to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra expresses
concern over the Department’s reversal of the Trump policies that strengthened ethical
safeguards for research involving human fetal tissue.
• Cosponsored Rep. Massie’s PRIME Act
o Helps small farms, ranchers slaughter their livestock at local slaughterhouses instead
of USDA approved slaughterhouses (usually not nearby)
o Reduces regulatory burden on business/ decentralizes the supply system creating
o COVID showed how vulnerable our meat supply is when slaughterhouses shut down.
This bill helps increase access to small scale local slaughterhouses.
• Cosponsored Rep. Good’s PISTOL Act of 2021
o The bill prevents ATF from considering pistols with a brace to be short barreled
rifles under the National Firearms Act.
• Signed Rep. Lamborn’s letter to Governor Polis urging him to end extended UI payments
and get Coloradans back to work.
Foreign Policy
• Cosponsored Hamas International Financing Prevention Act (H.R. 3685). Authored by
Reps. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and Brian Mast (R-FL).
o The bill tightens sanctions on those providing support to Hamas and Palestinian
Islamic Jihad—the terror groups behind the recent rocket attacks from Gaza.
• Cosponsored Rep. Roy’s UNRWA Accountability & Transparency Act that will prohibit
funding from going to UNRWA.
May 31- June 4, 2021
• Signed Ranking Member Garret Graves’ letter urges the Biden Administration to rethink
its decision to waive sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. If completed, Nord Stream
2 will transport Russian natural gas (which has a greater greenhouse gas emission profile
than U.S. gas) to Europe, resulting in a loss of American jobs, an increase in global
greenhouse gas emissions, and a reduction of U.S. geopolitical influence. The letter
requests that the administration reconsider the waiver and implement congressionally
mandated sanctions on the project.
Foreign Policy
• Cosponsored Rep. Guest’s Emergency Resupply for IRON DOME Act of 2021
o This bill would enable any remaining funding appropriated for Gaza assistance to
be repurposed for Israel to support the Iron Dome. The Iron Dome has been critical to Israel’s defense during the conflict with Hamas. The legislation is
timely, as media reports indicate that Israel could be requesting additional
financial assistance from the U.S. for the Iron Dome.
May 24- May 28, 2021
• Sent letter to National Weather Service requesting the timely approval of the San Luis
Valley Radar dedicated data portal to enter the National Weather Service’s system.
• Signed Rep. Matt Rosendale’s letter to formally remind VA Secretary Denis R.
McDonough that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is prohibited by law (P.L.
102-585) from paying for abortions.
• Signed Rep. Jason Smith’s letter under Budget committee jurisdiction to GAO asking
what the holdup is on GAO’s review of Biden withholding border wall funds, contrary to
congressional appropriation.
• Signed Rep. Biggs and Babin’s letter letter to Senate leadership opposing the
nominations of Ur Jaddou to serve as Director of USCIS, Chris Magnus to serve as
Commissioner of CBP, and Ed Gonzalez to serve as Director of ICE.
o Ur Jaddou led the Biden-Harris DHS transition team and developed the policies
that created the border crisis. Chris Mangus has publicly supported sanctuary city
policies. And Ed Gonzalez terminated a cooperation agreement with ICE while
he was serving as sheriff.
Foreign Policy
• Signed Rep. Schewikert’s letter to Biden urging him not to reenter the Iran deal and not
to provide sanctions relief which would result in funding terrorism.
• Cosponsored Rep. Gosar’s expedited joint resolution so that Congress can vote to end the
COVID-19 national emergency.
• Signed Whip Scalise’s letter to Speaker Pelosi to Rep. Schewikert is leading the attached
letter to Biden urging him not to reenter the Iran deal and not to provide sanctions relief
which would result in funding terrorism.
May 17- May 21, 2021
Foreign Policy• Cosponsored Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s resolution to condemn Hamas for its deadly,
indiscriminate attacks and to reaffirm the United States’ support of Israel. This resolution
condemns the heinous acts perpetrated by Hamas are categorically unacceptable, and it is
imperative for Congress to act.
• Cosponsored Rep. Carter’s bill to prohibit discretionary program funds from going to
states that provide assistance to illegal immigrants.
o Specifically, the bill prohibits funds from going to a state if the head of the
administering Federal department or agency determines that the state has
implemented a program to provide assistance to illegal immigrants.
• Cosponsored Rep. Hinson’s See the Crisis Act
o This bill will prohibit federal funds from being used to pay for the travel expenses
of the Vice President, including the use of Air Force Two and the security detail,
for any travel outside the United States until she visits the southern border and
reports to Congress on a plan to visit, who she meets with, and how much foreign
aid they plan to send to the Northern Triangle.
• Signed Rep. David Rouzer’s letter to President Biden to fortify American Energy
Security in Wake of Colonial Pipeline Attack.
o This letter asks President Biden should oppose destructive energy policies like
those which restrict the construction of additional American pipeline capacity and
have undermined our energy security.
• Cosponsored Rep. McHenry’s Recognizing the Protection Motorsports Act
o This bill would reverse the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)
interpretation of the Clean Air Act (CAA) to allow motor vehicles to be converted
into racing vehicles. Specifically, it would amend the Clean Air Act to permit
emissions-related modifications to a street or highway vehicle to convert that
vehicle to be exclusively used in racecar competitions.
• Signed Rep. Virginia Foxx’s letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Becerra in
regard to action to overturn the Trump Administration’s Title X rule to fund family
planning services connected to services that offer abortion.
• Signed Rep. Burgess Owen’s letter to Secretary of Education Cardona to voice concern
regarding Critical Race Theory infiltrating public schools.
Federal Deficit• Signed Rep. Good’s letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell regarding his
recent comments on 60 Minutes about the federal budget. During his interview, Chairman
Powell expressed that while the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, now is not the
time to address that problem.
• Signed Rep. Rosendale’s letter to Sec. Austin regarding the growing trend of left-wing
extremism and politicization in our armed forces.
• Signed Rep. Lamborn’s letter to the acting Sec of the Air Force regarding Lieutenant
Colonel Lohmeier being relieved of command last week from the 11th Space Warning
Squadron at Buckley AFB in Colorado.
May 10- May 14, 2021
• Cosponsored Rep. Good’s Pro-Life Resolution.
o This bill Designates the week beginning November 8, 2021, as ‘‘National
Pregnancy Center Week’’; Supports the important work of pregnancy centers
across the United States; Appreciates and recognizes the thousands of volunteers
and staff of pregnancy centers in the United States who give millions of hours of
service each year to women and men who are faced with difficult pregnancy
decisions; Recognizes the importance of protecting life; and assisting women and
men in need as they bring children into the world.
• Cosponsored the Combatting Racist Teaching (CRT) in Schools Act led by Rep. Chip
o This bill would prohibit federal funds from going to any elementary, secondary
school, or institution of higher education that promotes race-based theories that
describe: any race is inherently superior or inferior to any other race, the United
States is a fundamentally racist country, the Declaration of Independence or
Constitution of the United State are fundamentally racist documents, an
individual’s moral character or worth is determined by the individual’s race, an
individual, by virtue of the individual’s racism in inherently racist or oppressive,
whether consciously or unconsciously, an individual, because of the individual’s
race, bears responsibility for the actions committed by other members of the
individual’s race.
• Cosponsored the Stop CRT Act led by Rep. Bishop.
o This bill would prevent any federal dollars from being used to advance the ideas
associate with Critical Race Theory and would codify the Trump administrations
Executive Order that prevented agencies from using CRT in their trainings.
• Cosponsored the FIRED Act led by Rep. Davidsono This bill that would establish a 12 year term limit for the Director of the National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The term limit applies retroactively.
Dr. Fauci has been in the position for 37 years.
May 3- May 7, 2021
• Introduced the AIM Act- “America’s Infrastructure Modernization Act”
o This bill repurpose funds provided for COVID relief that have not been obligated
for purposes of infrastructure development, and for other purposes.
• Introduced the 30×30 Termination Act.
o In response to the Biden Administrations plan to conserve 30% of Americas lands
by 2030. Rep Boebert introduced the 30×30 Termination Act to preserve access to
Federal lands, control fires, and for other purposes.
April 26- April 30, 2021
• Cosponsored Rep. Spartz bill directing the President to reinstate the Migrant Protection
o The MPP was a program that acted as a disincentive for fraudulent asylum claims
by requiring aliens to remain in Mexico while their cases were pending in U.S.
immigration court. President Biden stopped enrolling aliens in the MPP –
effectively ending the program – and is in the process of paroling all aliens with
active MPP cases into the United States.
• Cosponsored Rep. Bishops bill to ban the use of Critical race Theory in the military.
• Signed the amnicus brief led by Reps. Banks and Brady to defend West Virginia’s
sovereignty against the COVID stimulus bill’s prohibition on states reducing their tax
revenues between now and 2024.
• Cosponsored Rep. Duncan’s bill that would require only the American flag can be flown
at US embassies.
• Signed Rep. McClain’s letter to Biden demanding Kerry’s immediate resignation and for
Attorney General Garland to open an investigation following claims he has been sharing
classified information regarding our ally Israel with the Iranian regime.
April 19- April 23, 2021
• Introduced the MORE PILT Act.
o The average per-acre value for PILT payments is a fraction of the amount of
revenues that would be generated for states and counties if value-based taxation or
economic development occurred on these federal lands, depriving rural
communities of critical funding that they need to operate essential services. According to NACO, the average PILT payment per acre was $2.71 in FY 2020.
The MORE PILT Act will provide policy makers with an accurate determination
of the taxable and market values of federal lands and the effects of providing
payments under the Payments in Lieu of Taxes program that more accurately
reflect those equivalent amounts.
Second Amendment
• Signed Rep. Jim Banks’ letter urging opposition to gun control activist and lobbyist
David Chipman’s confirmation as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
• Signed Rep. Andy Biggs letter to Ranking Member Grassley and the Senate Judiciary
opposing gun control activist and lobbyist David Chipman’s confirmation as Director of
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
• Cosponsored Rep. Perry’s bill that will streamline the process for veterans to resolve
benefit claim disputes.
o This bill will authorize each member of Congress to designate two certified staff
members read only access to Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) files,
essentially cutting out the VBA as a middleman. This will allow veteran benefit
claims to be resolved much quicker than the system that currently makes veterans
wait months to resolve disputes with the VA.
• Cosponsored the Finish the Wall Act led by Rep. Higgins.
o This bill requires DHS to resume building the wall, prevents cancelling
construction, requires spending all appropriated funds for the wall, requires plan
with benchmarks for completion, forces DHS to honor agreements on
construction, and requires certification of compliance with DNA Fingerprint Act
of 2005 at all border facilities.
• Cosponsored Rep. Perry’s (PA) resolution to terminate U.S. participation in the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and prohibit the use of
funds to carry out any obligations associated with the Paris treaty.
• Signed Rep. Biggs letter to senate leadership opposing Tracy Stone-Manning as Biden’s
pick for the director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
o Tracy Stone-Manning is from Montana and currently serves as a senior advisor to
the National Wildlife Federation. She has previously spoken out against BLM HQ relocation to Grand Junction and oil and gas development by the bureau. Overall,
she’s a poor choice to lead BLM.
April 12- April 16, 2021
• Introduced the Silver Cliff Community Act.
o Designates a unique ZIP code to Silver Cliff, Colorado
• Signed Rep. Budd’s letter to Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman DeFazio and
Ranking Member Graves asking that H.R. 1284: The Fair and Open Competition Act
(FOCA) be considered for inclusion in the surface transportation reauthorization bill.
o FOCA would prevent federal agencies and recipients of federal assistance from
requiring contractors to sign controversial project labor agreements (PLAs) as a
condition of winning a federal or federally assisted construction contract. This bill
would ensure that taxpayer funded construction contracts are awarded through fair
and open competition.
• Signed a letter led by Rep. Gohmert to HHS and DHS requesting a list and accurate data
for where these illegal aliens are being sent.
• Cosponsored the Abortion Provider Loan Elimination Act led by Rep. Murphy
o This bill explicitly bans abortion providers from receiving Paycheck Protection
Program (PPP) loans; This legislation responds to Planned Parenthood’s receipt of
more than $80 million in PPP loans and, under the Biden administration, even
receiving millions of dollars in multiple second draw PPP loans, despite their
ineligibility due to the application of the affiliation rules, as required by the
• Cosponsored the No Taxpayer Funding for Vaccine Passports Act led by Rep. Rosendale.
o The bill would prohibit any federal funds from being used to implement, enforce,
or assist in the establishment of a COVID–19 vaccine passport system and
prohibit funds from the COVID-19 relief bills from going to any state or locality
that implements, enforces, or assists in the establishment of a COVID–19 vaccine
passport system.
• Signed Rep. Tenney’s letter to Speaker Pelosi regarding President Biden’s Joint Address
to Congress on April 28. The letter addresses reports that Pelosi is planning to limit in-person attendance and requests she immediately release plans for how every Member of
Congress can attend the Joint Address in person if they choose.
• Signed Rep. Good’s letter to ATF nominee David Chipman requesting his commitment
to investigate Hunter Biden for allegations he lied on a background check application.
• Cosponsored Rep. Dusty Johnson and Senators Cruz and Lee and others have a joint
resolution to propose a constitutional amendment to keep the seats on SCOTUS at 9.
April 5- April April 9, 2021
• Cosponsored H.R. 619, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act led by the
Congressional Pro-Life Caucus.
o This bill states that if a child is born alive after surviving an abortion, any health
care practitioner present must exercise the same degree of care to preserve the life
and health of the child as any other child of the same gestational age would
receive. The survivor must then be immediately transported to a hospital.
• Cosponsored the RIFLE Act led by Rep. Hinson.
o Current law taxes the Second Amendment. It is outrageous. Even more
outrageous: President Biden is attempting to expand the National Firearms Act to
cover so many more types of firearms – making common self-defense weapons
subject to the same $200 tax.
• Signed an Amicus Brief in support of Ohio in a recently filed lawsuit against the Biden
administration Treasury Department, regarding the unnecessary “Tax Mandate” in the
American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.
• Signed onto Rep. Darrell Issa’s letter to T&I seeking funding to complete the border wall
in any infrastructure bill considered.
• Cosponsored a bill led by Rep. Duncan to end Major League Baseball’s antitrust
March 29- April 2, 2021
• Sent a letter to President Biden, OMB Acting Director Young, and Interior Secretary Deb
Halland, asking to fully fund the Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program in the FY
2022 budget.
• Signed Reps. Gary Palmer (AL-06) and Michael Cloud (TX-27) letter to the Financial
Services and General Government Appropriations (FSGG) Subcommittee requesting the
inclusion of language preventing the District of Columbia from using funds to implement
DC’s Reproductive Health Nondiscrimination Amendment Act (RHNDA).
o A few years ago, the District of Columbia passed RHNDA, which outlaws
“discrimination” based on “reproductive health decision making.” In practice,
RHNDA challenges the ability of pro-life and faith organizations to make
employment decisions consistent with the organization’s views on life.• Signed Rep. Ron Estes (KS-01) and Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-05) letter to the White
House and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra raising concerns with the Administration’s
planned repeal of Trump’s Protect Life Rule, which required entities receiving Title X
family planning funds to be physically and financially separate from abortion providers,
and as a result, Planned Parenthood declined to continue participating in the program.
• Cosponsored the Red Tape Reduction Act led by Rep. Hinson.
o This bill repeals Bidens EO 13992 which revoked Trump’s regulatory Eos,
codifies Trump Eos – 13771, 13777, 13891, 13892, 13893.
• Signed onto Rep. McMorris Rodgers letter to the Appropriations Committee urging them
to work in a bi-partisan, bi-cameral fashion to secure full funding for the Payments in
Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program for fiscal year (FY) 2022.
• Cosponsored the Unauthorized Spending Accountability (USA) Act led by Rep.
McMorris Rodgers.
o This bill Creates a mandatory Sequester and Sunset for Unauthorized Programs;
Establishes a Spending Accountability Commission that will set an authorization
schedule of discretionary programs and agencies (so we don’t find ourselves in an
unauthorized spending disaster again in the future); Sets up a procedure to
sequester mandatory spending if unauthorized spending moves forward
Natural Resources
• Signed Rep. Schrader letter to Secretaries Vilsack and Haaland seeking information
related to the damage done from last year’s horrific wildfire season.
• Cosponsored Rep. Miller-Meeks resolution expressing support for the Trump
administration’s Navigable Waters Protection Rule, which replaced the disastrous 2015
Obama Waters of the United States rule.
• Cosponsored the Agriculture Civil Rights and Equality Act led by Rep. Tiffany.
o This bill stops the race discrimination that Democrat majority inserted into the
Covid relief Agriculture provisions.
• Cosponsored the Common-Sense Census Act led by Rep. Cawthorn.
o This bill requires Commerce to collect citizenship status on the decennial census
(next one is in 2030), establishes a working group to increase data on citizens and
non-citizens in the US, and requires only citizens are included in Congressional
apportionment considerations.
• Cosponsored the Protecting American Voters Act led by Rep. Chip Roy.
o Allows such information as may be necessary to enable state officials with the
ability to verify that an applicant for voter registration in federal elections is a
citizen of the United States; Requires DHS to provide, without a fee, inquiring
states with information from the “SAVE system” which houses data providing for who is a naturalized citizen of the United States; Requires SSA to provide
inquiring states with social security information (confidentiality safeguards
required) that provides for who is a citizen born in the United States; Allows for
proactive use to check individuals registering to vote and allows for retroactive
purposes in order to allow states to clean out their current voter registration.
• Signed Rep. Fulchers letter to Biden opposing vaccine passports.
• Signed Rep. Cliff Bentz letter to Secretary Deb Haaland regarding Critical Habitat for the
Northern Spotted Owl.
o The Northern Spotted Owl (NSO) Critical Habitat designation includes 1.1
million acres that are not part of NSO’s actual habitat, which prevents the federal
government from responsibly managing this section of forest. The untreated forest
area is overstocked and unnaturally dense, creating fuel for out-of-control
wildfires during the summer months.
March 22-26, 2021
• Introduced a resolution to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization.
• Introduced a resolution to provide that material obtained or generated by the office of a
Member in response to a casework request from a constituent is to be treated as material
in the possession of the House of Representatives
• Signed Ranking Member Smith’s letter to Chairman Yarmuth asking him to hold a
hearing on Biden’s illegal withholding of funds for the border wall, in violation of the
Impoundment Act.
• Cosponsored the Coronavirus Regulatory Repeal Act led by Rep. Chip Roy.
o Nearly 850 regulations have been waived by local, state, and federal government
throughout the pandemic. This bill would make permanent the federal regulatory
changes unless they are reestablished by a vote of Congress.
• Cosponsored the enactment of the House Finding Federal Savings Committee led by Rep.
Jay Obernolte.
o This bill will create a temporary committee in the House charged with studying
federal programs and determining which ones are underperforming or
nonessential and then develop recommendations on whether they should be
modified or eliminated.
• Signed a letter to Interior Secretary Haaland led by Ranking Member Westerman
responding to the forum on the federal oil and gas program, where many environmental
groups outnumbered very few industry groups. The forum significantly lacked representation from stakeholders who are directly impacted by the federal oil and gas
• Signed Rep. Davidson’s letter to Biden, asking him to get the National Personnel Records
Center (NPRC) back open and clear its 480,000 case-backlog.
o The NPRC holds the personnel files of Vets and these records are required for
veterans to receive COVID-19 vaccinations from the VA, GI Bill education
benefits, VA loans, medical benefits, burial benefits, disability compensation, life
insurance, and other services.
• Cosponsored a resolution led by House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy to remove
Eric Swalwell from his committee assignments.
• Signed onto a letter led by Rep. Ashley Hinson to Nancy Pelosi calling her out for her
outrageous plans to overturn the election of Congresswoman Miller-Meeks (IA-02).
March 15-19, 2021
• Introduced the Local Opportunities, Conservation, and American Lands Act.
o The Biden administration is considering moving the Bureau of Land Management
Headquarters (BLM) and more than 300 jobs in Western states back to the
Swamp. Western states received 328 new good-paying jobs when the BLM
Headquarters moved West including: Alaska (4), Arizona (39), California (20),
Colorado (85), Idaho (18), Montana/Dakotas (3), Nevada (49), New Mexico (39),
Utah (44), Washington/Oregon (5), Wyoming (15). This bill protects those jobs.
• Introduced the No Amnesty Act.
o The lawlessness at the southern border threatens the safety and sovereignty of the
American people. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s “No Amnesty Act,” prohibits funding to
enforce or carry out the Biden and Obama administration’s executive actions that
threaten our national and border security and fuel the exploitation of people.
• Introduced the Secure the Southern Border Act.
o The lawlessness at the southern border threatens the safety and sovereignty of the
American people. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s “Secure the Southern Border Act,”
would codify the Trump administration’s executive actions that worked and
which Biden targeted for repeal in his Feb. 2, 2021 Executive Order. The “Secure
the Southern Border Act,” would protect our national and border security, address
the humanitarian challenges resulting from the current Biden border crisis, and
end the exploitation of people.
• Cosponsored the Stopping Border Surges Act led by Rep. Andy Biggs.
o This bill fixes several of the major loopholes that encourage vulnerable people to
take dangerous, illegal paths of entry to the United States. This Act would restore integrity in our asylum system and protect children at the border by addressing the
factors fueling illegal immigration and fraud at the border.
• Cosponsored the Proudly Eliminating Liberal Objective Spending Items Rescissions Act
of 2021 led by Rep. Jeff Duncan.
o This bill actively removes $494B from the recently passed “American Rescue
Plan” of unnecessary spending.
• Cosponsored Rep. Jeff Duncan’s amendment to the American Rescue Plan.
o This amendment removes $494B from the recently passed “American Rescue
Plan” of unnecessary spending.
Second Amendment
• Cosponsored the Second Amendment for Every Registrable Voter Act led by Rep.
Thomas Massie.
o This bill lowers the legal gun-purchasing age to 18 years old. There is no reason
why 18-year-olds should serve this country, register to vote, or parent a child
before the age of 21, yet have no access to their second amendment right until
• Cosponsored Rep. Louie Gohmert’s resolution to award three congressional gold medals
to the United States Capitol Police and those who protect the U.S. Capitol.
March 8-12, 2021
• Introduced the Western Water Security Act.
o The bill protects property rights, upholds state water law, and prohibits federal
takings by:

  1. Forbidding the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture from requiring
    water users to transfer water rights to the United States or purchase water
    rights in the name of the United States as a condition of any permit, lease, or
    other use agreement.
  2. Preventing unlawful seizures of groundwater; and
  3. Upholding state water law and requiring coordination with states.
    • Introduced a bill seeking the return of the USS Pueblo to the custody of the United States
    o Named for Pueblo, Colorado, the USS Pueblo was hijacked in 1968 by North
    Korea in international waters and has been in exhibition in Pyongyang ever since.
    Bringing the USS Pueblo home should be a top priority discussion with North
    Korean counterparts.
    • Introduced the Stop the Biden Caravan Now Act.o This bill calls for the transfer of all structures, equipment, personnel, and other
    barriers used to provide additional security in the District of Columbia from
    January 12 through the date of the enactment of this Act, including what was used
    for the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice
    President of the United States, to the southern border of the United States.
    • Cosponsored the Reopen Schools Act led by Rep. Ashley Hinson.
    o To encourage local educational agencies to resume in-person instruction at
    elementary and secondary schools.
    Natural Resources/Energy
    • Signed Chairman Newhouse’s bicameral letter to the Biden Administration asking for a
    detailed briefing on the 30 by 30 program.
    o The letter highlights the importance of balancing multiple-uses on public lands
    and points out that over 90% of public lands are in the western part of the U.S.
    • Cosponsored the America Needs Worthwhile Resources Act (ANWR Act) led by Rep.
    Young’s (AK).
    o This bill prevents the President or Interior Secretary from banning oil and gas
    leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.
    • Cosponsored Rep. Bishop’s bill that would overturn the prohibition on STATE TAX
    CUTS through 2024
    o The Federal government has no business telling the states what/when/how/how
    much they can tax. The ban was added into the senate text of the reconciliation
    • Signed onto Rep. Chip Roy’s letter to Nancy Pelosi in opposition to the future inclusion
    of earmarks in bills.
    • Cosponsored the Guard Reimbursement for Unhealthy Bites (GRUB) Act led by
    Congressman Huizenga (R-MI) and Congressman Moulton (D-MA).
    o This bill would ensure Guard members would receive a per diem for each day that
    they served between the dates of January 26th and March 12th. Guard Members
    should be provided this per diem to help cover the costs of personal expenses they
    have incurred from having to purchase their own meals due to the unhealthy and
    unacceptable quality of food that was provided to them.
    March 1-5, 2021
    • Led a letter to Thomas W. Harker, Acting Secretary of the Navy, opposing the pledge of
    intersectionality that ultimately goes against true guiding principles of unity and equality.• Led a letter to remove Lieutenant General Russell Honoré, USA (Ret.) from investigating
    the events of January 6, 2021
    o The magnitude of the security failures warrants a serious response that reinspires
    public confidence in our institutions. This necessitates that the investigators be
    non-partisan, serious, of a sound temperament, and honest. General Honoré has
    proven himself to possess none of these attributes, and he is categorically the
    wrong person for the job.
    • Sponsored a resolution to remove Lieutenant General Russell Honoré, USA (Ret.) from
    investigating the events of January 6, 2021
    o The magnitude of the security failures warrants a serious response that reinspires
    public confidence in our institutions. This necessitates that the investigators be
    non-partisan, serious, of a sound temperament, and honest. General Honoré has
    proven himself to possess none of these attributes, and he is categorically the
    wrong person for the job.
    • Signed onto Rep. Carol Miller’s (WV) letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany,
    promoting the export of American energy to our European allies.
    o U.S. allies should not be dependent on energy from adversaries like Russia –
    rather they should source their energy from the U.S., a stable international partner
    who can provide a clean and secure supply of energy.
    • Cosponsored the No Cash for Iran Act led by Rep. Matt Gaetz.
    o This bill would prohibit the United States government providing the government
    of Iran with money, directly or indirectly, in the form of monetary instruments,
    precious metals, or cryptocurrency. It also prevents the President from terminating
    sanctions that prevent transactions in property and interests of the government of
    • Signed onto RM Rep. Smiths letter to Biden inquiring about when congress can expect to
    see his budget proposal. It was due on February 1st and no updates have been made.
    • Signed onto Rep. Babin and Rep. Duncan’s letter to Tae Johnson, Acting Director United
    States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, expressing concern for illegal immigrants
    being allowed through the southern border who are infected with COVID.
    • Signed onto Rep. Lance Gooden’s letter to Biden saying he should reinstate the national
    emergency order for the southern border.
    • Signed onto Rep. Herrell’s (R-NM) letter to the Department of Interior (DOI) asking
    them to reinstate rights-of-way permits to local agency officials instead of DOI leadership. While rights-of-way permits are still being approved, they are at a complete
    stand still with the change in approval process.
    • Cosponsored the Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act led by Rep. Brooks.
    o This bill would expand FOPA by amending the definition of “transport” to
    include “staying in temporary lodging, stopping for food, fuel, vehicle
    maintenance, an emergency medical treatment, or any other activity incidental to
    the transport.” The bill would also clarify that the ability to transport a firearm
    from a place where a gun owner “may lawfully possess, carry, or transport the
    firearm to any other such place” also applies to ammunition and detachable
    magazines. Additionally, the bill prohibits the arrest or detention of an individual
    for a state or local firearm or ammunition violation unless there is probable cause
    to believe the individual failed to comply with the provisions of this bill.
    • Signed onto Rep. Huizenga’s letter to National Guard asking they be given per diems so
    they can purchase their own food, since the current food has caused illness in some cases.
    • Cosponsored the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2021
    o This important bill would reassert Congress’s legislative authority and prevent
    excessive overreach by the executive branch in the rulemaking process.
    February 22-26, 2021
    • Introduced 11 amendments to the Colorado Wilderness Act of 2021, that would give the
    people of the third congressional district a voice in this legislation.
    • Sent a letter to the IRS inquiring about the false delinquency notices the massive backlog
    of correspondence has caused, creating a stressful headache for the people of Colorado.
    • Introduced 6 amendments on H.R. 1 – which is a federal takeover of our elections. The
    amendments touch on particularly egregious sections of the bill:
    o Strike the federal mandate that would criminalize lawful rejection of voter
    o Strike the federal mandate that would criminalize challenging voter registrations.
    o Strike the federal mandate to require absentee voting for any reason.
    o Strike the federal mandate on no more than 30-minute lines to vote.
    o Strike the congressional findings section that establishes new and unconstitutional
    standards for judicial review (only DC Circuit may review).
    o Strike the expensive, federal micromanagement of redistricting.
    • Cosponsored the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act led by Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-16).
    o This bill would prevent federal, state, and local government child welfare
    agencies that receive federal funding from discriminating against faith-based adoption and foster care providers that operate in accordance with their
    • Signed onto Lamborn/Miller’s letter to President Biden to leave in place the Trump
    Administration rule allowing religious corporations to prefer employing individuals who
    adhere to their religious tenets. The Biden Administration recently indicated their
    intention to rescind the rule.
    Women’s Issues
    • Cosponsored Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) Hyde Amendment for COVID-19
    o This amendment would apply Hyde protections to the upcoming COVID-19
    budget reconciliation bill to prevent the funding from being used for abortion.
    • Cosponsored the Safety and Opportunity for Girls Act led by Rep. Mary Miller (IL).
    o This bill would prevent the Title IX provisions in President Biden’s Executive
    Order on sexual orientation and gender identity from being implemented. Under
    Biden’s EO, bathrooms, locker rooms, and sex-segregated activities like athletics
    in schools would operate based on gender identity rather than sex, allowing
    biological males to access girls’ bathrooms and play on girls sports teams. The
    EO negates the point of Title IX, which is to protect opportunities for women and
    girls in education and is a huge federal overreach into education policy.
    • Cosponsored Rep. McClintock’s Balanced Budget Amendment.
    o Text of the amendment prohibits the US Government from increasing its debt
    except for a specific purpose by law, if agreed upon by three-fourths of the
    membership of each House of Congress.
    • Cosponsored Rep. Lesko’s amendment to the Reconciliation Bill.
    o This amendment would redirect funding from Title X Family Planning Grants to
    Youth Suicide Prevention Grants.
    Second Amendment
    • Cosponsored Protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Act led by Rep. Michael
    o This bill prohibits imposing gun control under any declaration of a national
    emergency or disaster and block government prohibitions of manufacture, sale, or
    transfer of firearms during a disaster or emergency.
    • Cosponsored the No Taxpayer Funding for United Nations Human Rights Council Act led
    by Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21)
    o Since its founding in 2006, the U.N. Human Rights Council has passed 0
    resolutions against China and 90 condemning the State of Israel. Members of this corrupt body include countries with abhorrent human rights records like: China,
    Cuba, Russia, Libya, Venezuela, Pakistan, and Cameroon. President Trump was
    right to leave this organization.
    • Cosponsored the REMAIN in Mexico Act led by Rep. Rosendale.
    o Under Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), those who arrive at or cross our
    southern border and claim asylum were returned to Mexico while they wait for
    their asylum claims to be adjudicated. There is currently a backlog of upwards of
    25,000 asylum seekers currently in Mexico. Unfortunately, President Biden has
    reversed this policy and will begin to allow migrants who arrive at our border
    claiming asylum – including the 25,000+ currently waiting in Mexico – to enter
    and be released into our country pending their asylum claim being adjudicated.
    • Cosponsored an amendment to the reconciliation COVID relief bill that Eliminates
    funding to the National Endowment for the Arts.
    • Cosponsored an amendment to the reconciliation COVID relief bill that Eliminates
    funding to the National Endowment for the Humanities.
    • Cosponsored the Fair and Open Competition Act (FOCA) led by Rep. Budd
    o FOCA would prevent federal agencies and recipients of federal assistance from
    requiring contractors to sign controversial project labor agreements (PLAs) as a
    condition of winning a federal or federally assisted construction contract. This bill
    would ensure that taxpayer funded construction contracts are awarded through fair
    and open competition – guaranteeing the best value for hardworking taxpayers
    while prohibiting a rigged federal procurement process that discriminates against
    many small construction businesses.
    • Signed onto Rep. Jodey Arrignton’s letter to Nancy Pelosi to re-evaluate the fencing
    around the Capitol.
    o “Keeping thousands of troops in Washington indefinitely is fiscally irresponsible
    and sends the wrong message to our nation. The American people do not have the
    luxury of calling in thousands of troops and spending millions of dollars to build
    barbed-wire fences around their homes when they feel vulnerable. To indulge
    Members of Congress – particularly if it is at the taxpayers’ expense – with these
    excessive measures is insulting and un-American.” It also specifically calls out
    the $438 million cost of keeping NG till March.
    • Cosponsored the RUSH WAS RIGHT Act led by Jeff Duncan (SC-03)
    o barring the Federal Communications Commission from re-instituting (in any form
    or fashion) the old “Fairness Doctrine” that was stopped by the Reagan
    Administration.• Cosponsored a resolution led by Rep. Scott Perry that the Olympics should not be hosted
    in Beijing
    o Given the recent State Department judgement that the CCP’s human rights abuses
    in Xinjiang constitute genocide, it would be breathtakingly imprudent and grossly
    hypocritical to award them with this honor on the world stage.
    February 15-19, 2021
    • Cosponsored the K2 Veterans Care Act of 2021 led by Rep. Mark Green [R-TN-7] and
    Rep. Stephen Lynch [D-MA-8]
    o This bill will specifically establish a presumption of service connection for
    veterans with diseases associated with toxic exposure to substances found at
    Uzbekistan Secret Base, K2. Formally, this will require the VA to cover healthcare costs for K2 veterans who are dealing with rare cancers and other illnesses
    caused by toxic exposures at the base.
    • Cosponsored the Informed Consent Act led by Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04)
    o Under current law, there are no penalties in the code for federal officers,
    employees, or contractors who perform abortions or sterilizations without
    obtaining required informed consent. The bill would impose a penalty of a fine or
    up to ten years in prison, or both.
    • Signed onto a letter led by Rep. Bishop and Sen. Cotton to President Biden requesting
    that the President withdraw Xavier Becerra’s nomination to be the next Secretary of
    Health and Human Services.
    o The letter outlines how Mr. Becerra’s complete lack of health policy experience
    will be truly damaging to our nation’s efforts to defeat COVID-19 and reopen our
    country safely.
    • Cosponsored the Forest Information Reform Act led by Rep. Rosendale.
    o The proposed regulations cut the bureaucratic red tape to allow for responsible
    forest management by nixing the requirement to reinitiate consultation when new
    information becomes available. These changes will provide proper wildland fire
    management, increase recreational activities, and will promote industry.
    • Cosponsored the Budget Committee Privileged Resolution led by Ranking Member Smith
    along with Ranking Member Comer of the House Oversight Committee
    o This resolution requests the President transmit to the House the amount of funding
    previously enacted and currently unspent for COVID relief. Congress has enacted $4 trillion dollars in COVID aid so far and numerous reports and Budget
    committee research show roughly $1 trillion remains unspent.
    • Cosponsored a Resolution honoring the life and legacy of Rush Limbaugh.
    • Cosponsored the Eliminate Agency Excess Space Act led by Rep. Greg Murphy.
    o Under current law, empty federal office buildings cannot be sold by agencies that
    want to be efficient. Instead, they must let their vacant offices remain a
    purposeless and draining cost on each agency’s balance sheet.
    February 8-12, 2021
    • Introduced the Protecting American Energy Jobs Act.
    o Key- Nullifies Biden’s job-killing energy executive actions by repealing
    Executive Order 13990, Executive Order 14008, and Secretarial Order 3395. The
    Protecting American Energy Jobs Act protects American energy jobs, helps
    ensure reliable and affordable energy supplies, and repeals job-killing executive
    • Signed onto Rep. Andy Biggs letter to Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of
    Homeland Security Mayorkas urging them to oppose attempts to weaken screening and
    vetting for foreign nationals coming to the United States, including refugee applicants in
    the USRAP and other humanitarian-based U.S. immigration programs.
    • Cosponsored the No Asylum for Criminals Act led by Rep. Matt Gaetz.
    o To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide that an alien who has
    been convicted of a crime is ineligible for asylum, and for other purposes.
    • Cosponsored Preserving Safety Net Integrity Act of 2021 led by Rep. Bob Good’s Bill
    that would make the Trump administrations’ public charge rule permanent.
    o The Trump administration finalized a rule early last year interpreting the public
    charge ground of inadmissibility in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
    That rule renders aliens inadmissible to the United States (and ineligible to obtain
    Legal Permanent Resident status 0 Green Card) if they are “more likely than not
    at any time in the future to receive one or more public benefits . . . for more than
    12 months within any 36-month period.”
    • Signed Rep. Chip Roy’s letter to President Biden about the rising number of illegal
    border crossings.
    o In recent weeks and months, encounters have increased dramatically and Biden’s
    EOs are only exacerbating the issue. The letter points out the cause and effect of
    these actions, asks for action to address the impending crisis, and requests
    briefings for members of Congress on the administration’s plans on the matter.
    Natural Resources• Signed onto Rep. Bruce Westerman’s letter opposing the Democrats decision to not mark
    up our Natural Resources budget reconciliation instructions, describing our projected $1
    bn deficit increase as “chicken feed.” Instead, they are choosing to abdicate our authority
    to the Budget Committee.
    Energy/ Environment
    • Signed onto Rep. Bruce Westerman’s letter to President Biden Asking President Biden to
    rescind his climate focused executive orders. Especially the recent Executive Order,
    “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad,” issued on January 27, 2021. The
    letter specifically highlights the federal oil and gas leasing, Keystone XL Pipeline, and
    other mining and conservation focused blows that came from the many executive orders.
    • Signed Rep. Jason Smith’s letter to Senate leadership regarding Biden’s Nomination of
    Neera Tanden to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
    February 1-5, 2021
    • Authored the “Oppose Unconstitutional Metal Detector Fines” Dear Colleague letter.
    • Introduced a resolution to designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization
    o Necessary given the Biden administrations’ recent refusal to acknowledge Antifa
    violence in either its Jan. 27 DHS Bulletin or the White House’s comprehensive
    threat assessment on domestic terror.
    • Cosponsored Rep. Ashley Hinson’s bill to prohibit the federal government from
    providing COVID-19 vaccines to detainees at Guantanamo Bay (terrorists like KSM) so
    long as there are Americans without access.
    • Signed onto Rep. Stefanik and Rep. Hinson’s resolution that opposes any plans by DoD
    to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay until all Americans
    have had the opportunity to be vaccinated; and asserts that efforts by the USG to provide
    vaccinations for COVID-19 should prioritize US citizens
    • Signed onto Rep. Cammack’s Fiscally Responsible COVID Relief letter to President
    Biden urging him and the Administration to use the estimated $1.3 trillion in available
    resources to respond to the COVID pandemic and to inform Congress on the status of
    available funds before Congress debates additional emergency spending.
    • Cosponsored the Right to Earn a Living Act introduced by Rep. Bob Good (VA-05)
    o This legislation would make future eligibility for state and local governments to
    receive COVID stimulus from the Coronavirus Relief Fund contingent upon the
    requirement that they do not implement lockdown orders on small businesses
  4. Prevents small businesses from opening
  5. Limits their hours of operation3. Limits their occupancy.
    • Signed onto the GOP House Committee on Natural Resources letter to acting Secretary
    De La Vega in opposition to EO 13990- 60 day suspension on federal mineral leasing and
    o The revocation of Keystone XL Pipeline’s permit immediately resulted in 1,000
    lost jobs, and tens of thousands more will be eliminated if drilling on federal land
    remains prohibited.
    • Cosponsored the Keystone XL Construction and Jobs Act led by Rep. Kelly Armstrong
    o This bill would authorize the Keystone XL project as described in the March 29,
    2019 Presidential Permit and clarify that a presidential permit is not required for
    the construction, connection, operation, or maintenance of the outlined pipeline
    and border facilities.
    • Cosponsored the Protecting American Energy Production Act led by Rep. Jeff Duncan
    o This bill prohibits the President from declaring a moratorium on the use of
    hydraulic fracturing without Congressional authorization. It also reiterates that the
    federal government should follow state law precedent for regulating hydraulic
    fracturing on state and private lands.
    • Cosponsored the Protecting our Wealth of Energy Resources (POWER) Act led by Rep.
    Yvette Herrell.
    o This bill would prevent the President or his designee from:
  6. Prohibiting the issuance of oil and gas, coal, hard rock, and critical minerals
    leases on federal lands without the approval of Congress.
  7. Withdrawing federal lands from mineral development without the approval of
    First Amendment
    • Cosponsored the Protect Religion from Government Act lead by Rep. Bob Good (VA-05)
    o This legislation seeks to protect all Americans 1st Amendment rights by allowing
    ordinary citizens to sue state or local governments that seek to prevent, or
    regulate, religious services. The legislation would create a private right of action,
    as well as require a preliminary injunction on any regulation in question until the
    date of trial.
    Middle East/ Israel
    • Signed onto Reps. Murphy and Banks letter urging against a clean reentry into the Iran
    Nuclear Deal and expresses favor for continuing President Trump’s successful maximum
    pressure campaign and does a good job a detailing the treat Iran poses as a state-sponsor
    of terror.• Signed a letter from the House Republican Israel Caucuses to Biden opposing re-entry
    into the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) Iran nuclear deal without new
    o Citing poorly construed sunset provisions baked into the deal would now be upon
    us, meaning Iran would be well on its way to obtaining a nuclear weapon while
    having violated not only the spirit but the letter of the deal.
    • Signed onto Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05) letter to the U.S. Department of State Secretary
    Antony Blinken urging him to oppose the relocation of the Israel embassy from
    Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.
    • Signed onto Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05) letter to the DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
    expressing concern at the recent Executive Orders signed by President Biden regarding
    immigration and border security.
    • Signed onto Rep. Brian Babin’s bill Birthright Citizenship Act of 2021.
    o H.R. 140 would limit birthright citizenship to a child born in the U.S. of parents,
    one of whom is:
  8. A citizen or national of the United States.
  9. An alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States
    whose residence is in the United States; or
  10. An alien performing active service in the armed forces.
    • Cosponsored Rep. Thomas Massie’s classic bill #866 that would terminate the
    Department of Education.
    • Signed Rep. Jim Baird’s letter to President Biden encouraging the new administration to
    keep space as a top priority and source of unity for the US over the next four years.
    • Signed onto Rep. Chip Roy’s letter asking Biden NOT to rejoin the UN Human Rights
    o Since its founding in 2006, the Council has passed 0 resolutions on China and
    over 85 condemning Israel. This week, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley
    referred to the council as a “cesspool of political bias that makes a mockery of
    human rights.”
    • Signed onto Rep. Ted Budd’s letter to Speaker Pelosi, Acting House and Senate
    Sergeants at Arms, and Capitol Police Chief asking that the extra fencing around the
    Capitol be removed.
    • Cosponsored Rep. Russ Fulcher’s (ID) One Subject at a Time Act that would require:
  11. Each bill or joint resolution shall not have more than one subject.2. An appropriations bill cannot change an existing authorizing law that is not
    germane to the appropriations bill, but still allows for limitation amendments
    that are germane to the bill.
    January 25-29, 2021
    • Cosponsored onto the Protecting Americans from Unnecessary Spread upon Entry
    PAUSE from COVID-19 Act led by Congresswoman Yvette Herrell:
    o This legislation preserves existing border health protection measures intended to
    safeguard the citizens of our country.
    • Signed onto Rep. Jason Smith’s (MO) letter to Biden explaining the inefficacy of his new
    mask mandate with respect to all federal lands and asking to revise so that it does not
    apply to outdoor activities.
    • Cosponsored the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act led by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ):
    o This legislation would permanently codify the Hyde Amendment across
    government programs by preventing federal funds from paying for abortion.
    Support for this bill is needed now more than ever, with direct calls from
    Democrat leadership to repeal the longstanding bipartisan Hyde Amendment.
    • Cosponsored the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act led by Rep. Chris Smith (RNJ):
    o This bill amends US Code to prohibit any person from performing an abortion on
    an unborn child who is 20 weeks or older. By this stage of development, the
    unborn child can feel pain. Criminal penalties for those who violate the 20-week
    cut-off are for abortionists, not the mother. There is an exception in the bill for
    cases that will save the life of the mother, rape, and incest.
    • Cosponsored the Support and Value Expectant (SAVE) Moms and Babies bill led by Rep.
    Robert Latta (R-OH):
    o This bill prevents the FDA from approving new abortion drugs, prevents the FDA
    from loosening restrictions for mifepristone and prevents the “dispensing” of
    drugs remotely, by mail, or through telemedicine.
    • Cosponsored the Protecting the Dignity of Unborn Children Act led by Rep. Robert Latta
    o This bill makes it a federal crime to dispose of aborted babies in landfills or in any
    navigable waters. Criminal punishment is a fine or up to three years in prison.
    • Cosponsored the Protecting Life and Integrity in Research Act led by Blaine
    Luetkemeyer (R-MO)
    o This bill prohibits taxpayer funded research using fetal tissue obtained from an
    elective abortion while holding individuals or groups who seek to profit the sale
    of fetal tissue accountable.
    • Cosponsored the Life at Conception Act led by Rep. Alex W. Mooney (R-WV)o This bill declares life begins at conception and seeks to entitle the unborn to legal
    protection under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.
    • Cosponsored the Second Chance at Life Act led by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO)
    o This bill ensures a woman seeking a chemical abortion is informed that it may be
    possible to reverse the intended effects of the abortion if the woman changes her
    • Cosponsored the Defund Planned Parenthood Act led by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO)
    o For one year, this bill prohibits, Planned Parenthood from accessing any federal
    mandatory or discretionary funds. Neither the parent company, its affiliates nor
    associated clinics, will be able to apply for or be reimbursed federal dollars unless
    they certify that they will not preform, or support the other entities that perform, an
    abortion. The legislation authorizes $235 million to be reallocated to the thousands
    of comprehensive community health centers which do not perform abortion.
    • Cosponsored the Ensuring Accurate and Complete Abortion Data Reporting Act led by
    Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL)
    o This bill requires states to report abortion totals annually to the Centers for Disease
    Control (CDC) in order to receive targeted Medicaid family planning and services
    funds. It would allow for accurate record-keeping regarding the number of lives
    lost to abortion and the number of children who survive abortion attempts.
    • Cosponsored the Women’s Public Health and Safety Act led by Rep. Ralph Norman (RSC) and Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL)
    o This bill amends Section 1902 of the Social Security Act to clarify that states have
    the ability to deny funding to abortion providers through state Medicaid programs.
    • Cosponsored the Protecting Life in Crisis Act led by Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX)
    o This bill prohibits any funds that are authorized or appropriated for the purposes
    of preventing, preparing for, or responding to the COVID-19 pandemic,
    domestically and internationally, from going towards abortions or abortion
    coverage. In addition, this bill addresses attempts to use refundable tax credits
    from being used to purchase coverage on the exchanges or for COBRA
    continuation coverage.
    • Cosponsored the No Abortions Bond Act led by Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO)
    o This bill will remove the tax-exempt status of any bond that goes to an abortion
    provider or clinic. This will eliminate a tax code loophole that allowed Planned
    Parenthood to renovate their national headquarters with $15 million with a tax-free
    municipal bond.
    • Cosponsored the Protecting Individuals with Down Syndrome Act led by Rep. Ron Estes
    o The bill prohibits the performance of an abortion with the knowledge that a
    pregnant woman is seeking an abortion, in whole or in part, on the basis of a
    belief that her unborn child has Down Syndrome.
    • Signed onto Rep. Chris Smith’s (NJ) letter to Biden urging him NOT to repeal the
    Mexico City Policy, which prevents federal funding for global abortion.o Biden is expected to soon repeal the Trump administration’s Protecting Life and
    Global Health Assistance policy, an expansion of the original Mexico City Policy,
    which prevents federal funding of foreign groups that perform or promote
    • Signed onto Rep. Arrington (TX) letter opposing President Biden’s attack on the energy
    o The letter asks that the new administration prioritize policies that promote U.S.
    energy security and affordable reliable domestic energy sources.
    • Cosponsored the Promoting Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure Act led by Rep. Mullin
    o This bill would assert Congress’s authority to establish procedures, in this case a
    certification, permitting cross-border energy pipelines.
    • Signed onto Rep. Rosendale’s letter to President Biden urging him to end the federal oil
    and gas lease ban.
    o The Biden administration is set to extend their 60-day federal oil and gas
    moratorium indefinitely. The letter does a great job at highlighting money brought
    in by oil and gas leases on federal lands. It also touches on that money providing
    funds for critical infrastructure (i.e. roads, hospitals, schools) and supporting
    conservation efforts like the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
    • Signed onto Rep. Cawthorn’s (NC) letter to President Biden to reconsider actions that
    hurt our nation’s energy independence
    • Signed onto Rep. Jeff Duncans letter to SEC demanding an investigation into GameStop
    “market manipulation,” and subverting retail investors ability to freely trade.
    • Signed onto Rep. Chip Roy’s letter to Nancy Pelosi urging AOC to apologize for
    accusing Senator Ted Cruz of murder.
    • Cosponsored a bill to allow Officer Sicknick (died on Jan. 6th from injuries suffered
    during the riot) to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda next Wednesday, Feb. 3rd.
    • Cosponsored the Preserve American History Act led by Rep. Budd (NC)
    o The very foundations of our country are under attack by the woke left. Biden has
    cast his lot with them. If the American republic is to endure, we must understand
    rightly our history and the principles that form the basis of what it means to be an
    American. This bill speaks to the urgency of that need.
    January 18-22, 2021
    • Introduced legislation to fight Biden’s federal mask mandate
    o To provide that no person may be required to wear a face covering on Federal
    property or while traveling in interstate commerce, and for other purposes.
    • Introduced legislation to hold the World Health Organization and China accountable.o To prohibit the availability of United States contributions to the World Health
    Organization until Congress receives a full report on China and the COVID–19
    pandemic, and for other purposes.
    • Introduced legislation to block Paris Agreement
    o To require the advice and consent to ratification of the Paris Agreement by the
    United States Senate before any action may be taken to carry out the goals of the
    Paris Agreement, and for other purposes.
    January 10-16, 2021
    • Signed a letter sent to House and Senate leadership, regarding Hyde Amendment (led by
    Rep. Banks)
    • Signed a letter sent to Presidential Transition Team regarding the nomination of Rep.
    Haaland as the Department of Interior Secretary (led by Rep. Stauber)
    • Original cosponsor of the bill honoring police officers (introduced by Rep. Perlmutter
    • Signed onto the letter & resolution calling for Rep. Cheney to step down from her
    position as Conference Chair (introduced by Rep. Biggs & Rosendale).
    • Led a letter with the Colorado Delegation regarding BLM Headquarters
    January 1-9, 2021
    • Led letter to House Leadership regarding retain carrying privileges for members, prior to
    rules package vote (sent January 1, 2021, 83 total signatures).
    • Retained ability for Members to carry on Capitol grounds in the House Rules package
    (Package passed January 4, 2021).
    • Original cosponsor of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38, introduced January
    4, 2021, introduced by Rep. Hudson R-NC-08).
    • Original cosponsor of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (introduced by
    Rep. Wagner R-MO-2). [not yet introduced]
    • Original cosponsor of the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R. 243,
    introduced January 11, 2021, introduced by Rep. Foxx R-NC-5).
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This letter from Colorado State Representative Ron Hanks says it all!

FROM: Representative Ron Hanks                                                                                        18Jun2021

TO: The Citizens of Colorado

        Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

I read Colorado Secretary of State Griswold’s propaganda press release of June 17th, then set it aside.  That was the right thing to do: It allowed hundreds of comments to pour in from Americans who thanked me for going to the election audit in Arizona.  They then excoriated Secretary Griswold for her immature, partisan attacks on the concerns of average citizens. 

If Ms. Griswold’s intent was to enrage the citizenry with her contempt, she was wholly successful.  Using such terms as “The Big Lie”, “sham audits”, and later in a tweet, “fraudits”, her disgusting partisan bias was fully exposed.     

Allow me to be equally civil to Secretary Griswold in our response:  The people are PISSED OFF. 

Secretary Griswold, the people are pissed off at your comments, your actions, and your ruling-class decree that only the government may audit itself.  If the public cannot see what their government has done in public elections, it is not an open government.  It is tyranny.  The citizens of Colorado understand VERY well these elections belong to the people, not to the government or its agents. 

Colorado’s Secretary of State would do well to recognize and remember it.

I don’t expect Ms. Griswold has much use for military history, but she should hear the story of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto:  Admiral Yamamoto knew this country well – he studied at Harvard and was an attaché in Washington DC.  He planned and executed the attack on Pearl Harbor with cunning, but also with trepidation, because he knew the American people and what would happen after that bold attack.  He stated it plainly, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” 

Indeed, Secretary Griswold, that is all you have done.  You can poke and taunt a bear from the power of your office, thinking it a grand time and that your fans will adore you, but when the bear turns to confront you, the game has changed.  Your arrogance of power, your dismissive tones, your mockery of Americans’ desire for confirmed truth has fanned the flames of this fire.  You have exposed your fear of truth and public scrutiny.  Yours was a foolish move, Secretary Griswold, and future options become limited by such arrogant autocratic behavior. 

There is still time:  I urge Secretary Griswold to immediately apologize and retract her caustic statements, then assist the voters in an independent 3rd party audit of the 2020 Colorado election.   



Please note our June meeting will take place on Saturday, June 19th, 8:30 AM at the Almont Resort. Please arrive at 8:00 AM if you wish to order breakfast.

We meet in the back bar/lounge area. If you’d like to receive meeting notices, the agenda and past minutes, please visit our website and click on “Join Our Email List!”

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May 22, 2021 Meeting

Join us on Saturday, May 22, 8:30 AM at the Almont Resort. We meet in the back bar/lounge area. Please arrive at 8:00 AM if you wish to order breakfast.

Guest speakers: Kathy Simillion, Gunnison County Clerk and Diane Folowell, Deputy Elections Officer will take us through the A to Z of free and fair elections in Gunnison County!

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SB 21-256
Existing state law prohibits local governments from adopting
ordinances that restrict firearm sales and possession beyond the
restrictions imposed by state law.
This bill would empower local governments to adopt restrictions on
firearm sales and possession that are more restrictive than state law. In
other words, it would unleash local city councils and boards of
commissioners, many of which are less respectful of the Second
Amendment than their constituents, to restrict the rights of their
constituents with regard to firearm ownership and possession.
The bill also would enable certain locally-imposed restrictions on
concealed carry permits.
Questions:This bill obviously invites local governments to impose tighter
restrictions on firearm purchases and possession. There are over 270
incorporated municipalities and 64 counties in Colorado. If each of
those 334 jurisdictions could enact its own gun control laws, how many
lawsuits do you think would result?
How much public money do you think would be spent defending those
Do you expect that many of those new local laws would be
overreaching and violate the Second Amendment?
When the overreaching laws were found unconstitutional by various
courts, could the result be an expansion of rights to buy and possess
firearms, a result counter-productive to the aims of this bill to restrict
gun rights?
Have the sponsors of this bill thought through the effects it would have
if it became law?

HB 21-1298
Current law requires certain law enforcement agencies to perform the
background checks necessary before a firearm purchaser can receive
his purchase. If the agency does not complete its check within a
specified and rather short period of time, the purchaser is entitled to
receive his purchase. This can lead to firearms being delivered to
individuals who would not receive them if the background checks were
completed timely.The bill would extend the periods allowed to the agencies to complete
the background checks. This effectively extends the period a purchaser
might have to wait to receive the firearm he has purchased. In
addition, the bill would suspend indefinitely the waiting period in
certain situations where the agency encounters special difficulties
completing the check. One such situation is where the purchaser has
been charged with a crime but the crime has not been adjudicated.
Thus, citizens could be denied their constitutional right to purchase a
firearm whenever a law enforcement agency brings an unfounded
criminal charge. This would enable law enforcement to target
disfavored citizens with unfounded charges to deprive them of their
second amendment rights.
Do law enforcement agencies fail to complete background checks
frequently enough to justify permitting them to delay or deny delivery
to law abiding citizens of their lawfully purchased firearms?
How could we be sure law enforcement would not use new powers like
those in this bill to punish citizens whom they simply do not like? For
example, citizens holding political views of which law enforcement
Is it constitutional to deny a citizen the right to purchase a firearm
simply because he has been charged with a crime but not yet tried?

HB 21-1299
This bill would create a new department of state government, the
Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Of course, the new department couldn’t actually prevent any gun violence. Its function would be to
engage in a public relations campaign in favor of gun controls, financed
at public expense.
At a time of strained state budgets, when many parts of the state can’t
maintain full time, in-person schooling for our younger citizens, is it a
wise use of public money to fund a P.R. campaign against guns?
Can this new department reasonably be expected to have a material
impact, given the huge sums already spent nationwide for decades
attempting to eliminate gun violence to little effect?
If a publicly funded department should be created to address second
amendment issues, shouldn’t its more appropriate purpose be to
educate the public about its rights to keep and bear arms? After all,
that’s what the supreme law of the land provides.
For more legistlative information visit:
To download our periodic newsletters and other
information visit:

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Join us at the Almont Resort, 8:30 AM on Saturday, May 22 for our May meeting. Please arrive at 8:00 AM if you wish to order breakfast. We meet in the back bar/lounge area.

If you wish to receive the agenda and minutes from the last meeting, please email to be added to our email list.

We hope to see you at our meeting!

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These 5 “bad bills” are a result of having one party rule in our state. We need your voice and participation to help friends, neighbors and acquaintances know what’s happening in Denver at our capitol! Share this information, have discussions and write letters to the newspapers to help others become informed!  This is WHY WE MUST work diligently to create balance in our state governance!

Senate Bill 21-132 EFFECTS OF THE BILL:

  • Create two new government offices to register social media sites and collect fees (amounts unspecified).
  • Empower state government to punish social media for permitting citizens to post information that the government bureaucrats deem to be “incorrect”, “fake news”, “conspiracy theories” or critical of how elections are conducted.


• Do you want state regulators monitoring what you say online?

• Is it in your interest to create incentives for social media sites to censor what you say online?

• Do you trust a tribunal of state bureaucrats to hear complaints about your posts on social media? • Do you trust state bureaucrats to decide whether something you posted online is “intentional disinformation,” “fake news,” “conspiracy theories,” or undermining “election integrity?”

You and I are the targets of this bill! The real targets of this bill are not the social media sites. The targets are you and I, members of the public. Is it the state government’s role to censor what we can say to each other online?

House Bill 21-1103 EFFECTS OF THE BILL:

• Involves the state government in telling public school students which media sources are good or bad.

• Requires the state to adopt academic standards under the guise of “media literacy” for public schools and create a “media literacy” resource bank of state-approved sources.


• Is it advisable to transfer authority over academic standards from locally elected school boards to the state General Assembly?

• Is it good to remove the voices of local communities, parents, and teachers?

• When Colorado students are faring poorly in important subjects like reading, math, science, social studies after the pandemic, should resources be put into the vague subject of “media literacy,” or into core academic subjects?

• Should a legislative body impose a new course standard on students and teachers struggling to catch up from COVID?

 • Would the “Media Literacy Resource Bank” be hijacked as propaganda for a particular point of view? Would it be used to undermine the student’s family and religious values?

• Are the effects worth permanently increasing workloads and expenses of the government and teachers?


• Requires all firearms to be locked away when not in use.

• Makes it a crime to disobey the bill.


  • The reason stated for this bill is to reduce injuries or deaths when youths and others gain unauthorized access to firearms. If that is a rampant problem, why haven’t the proponents produced facts supporting the claim?
  • It appears it’s a crime under this bill only if the firearm wasn’t locked away, and if possession of the firearm by another person was unauthorized. (That’s because the bill describes the duty to store the firearm as being to prevent unauthorized possession.)  But many family members, including minors, are provided authorized access to the firearms owned by other family members (e.g., a parent allowing a minor to use the firearm for hunting or target practice).  If an accident occurs in such situations, wouldn’t the bill cause prosecutors to claim (counter to the facts) that the possession was unauthorized just so they could get a conviction in a situation that isn’t an actual crime? Wouldn’t this bill encourage prosecutorial misconduct?
  • Many people keep firearms for personal protection. The U.S. Supreme Court has acknowledged that requiring firearms to be inaccessible creates a hazard for the citizen attempting to protect himself or his family. If an emergency occurs in the home requiring a firearm for defense (e.g., home invasion, robbery), will honest citizens be harmed or killed because they won’t have ready access to their protective firearms?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to expand the availability of firearm safety education? Might that not save more lives than this invasion of privacy?
  • The law already creates liability for a person who is negligent in storing his firearm, resulting in harm or death to another. Is this additional measure necessary? If this restriction becomes law, will it encourage the adoption of more restrictions on firearm ownership?


State government would design a health care plan, then require insurers of small groups and individual policies to offer that plan as a condition of doing business in Colorado. Providers also would be required to reduce their costs by 20% or whatever percentage finally makes it into the bill (it has been changed a few times). There is no analysis of the actual costs of providing care that supports that arbitrary figure. It appeared from thin air. When it proves impossible to offer the required plans at the mandated prices, the state would create its own medical plan, subsidized by taxpayers.


  • Do programs designed by state bureaucrats usually operate efficiently and under budget?
  • Can state bureaucrats, who haven’t run any health care plans themselves, design a plan that won’t generate losses, driving health plans out of business?
  • Will you be better off than you are today when private providers can’t stay in business under this legislation, forcing the creation of government-run health care?
  • Do you trust bureaucrats to promote personal choice in health care providers, or do you suspect they seek to force everyone onto one plan controlled by the government?
  • Why would the citizens want this plan today, when they rejected a similar ballot issue (amendment 69) five years ago four to one?
  • When the government becomes the only source for health care, do you trust the system to offer the care you need when you need it? Think about the long waiting times in the U.K. and Canada.
  • Do you believe Colorado can make this scheme work for the people when similar schemes failed in other states like Vermont and Washington?

Senate Bill 21-009 EFFECTS OF THE BILL:

  • At an estimated annual cost of $4.2 million, this bill would provide contraceptive and reproductive health services to “individuals who are not citizens of the United States.” That is the bill’s language.
  • Citizens would not be eligible for the subsidy of their contraceptive and reproductive health services provided by this bill.


  • We absolutely care about contraceptive and reproductive health services being available to everyone, regardless of immigration status.
  • Should persons who are “not citizens of the United States” receive benefits at public expense not provided to tax paying citizens?
  • At a time when our public schools are desperate for funding, students can’t get in person instruction and are falling behind, is funding these services for “individuals who are not citizens” a higher priority than public education?
  • Among all the demands on a limited state budget, is this something you, as a taxpayer, wish to pay for today?

For more information on these and other bills, please visit:

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Secure the Southern Border Act
Endorsed by NumbersUSA
In less than 3 months, the Biden Administration ushered the country into another border
crisis, and his policies and comments have fueled cartels and brought the influx of aliens at
the southern border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) is currently encountering
more than 3,000 unlawful aliens a day that are attempting to cross the border. CPB
encountered the largest number of illegal immigrants in one month in more than seven years
as the agency encountered more than 100,000 unlawful aliens in the month of February
alone. Biden’s border czar Roberta Jacobson acknowledged it was Biden’s policies that
“may have driven people to make that decision [to attempt to cross the
This lawlessness threatens the safety and sovereignty of the American people. Rep. Lauren
Boebert’s “Secure the Southern Border Act,” would codify the Trump administration’s
executive actions that worked and which Biden targeted for repeal in his Feb. 2, 2021
Executive Order. The “Secure the Southern Border Act,” would protect our national and
border security, address the humanitarian challenges resulting from the current Biden
border crisis, and end the exploitation of people.
Specifically, the bill would codify:

  1. Memorandum, End Catch and Release, April 13, 2018
    • Implements EO 13767
  2. Executive Order 13767, Build the Wall, Jan. 30, 2017
    • End the practice known as “catch and release,” whereby aliens are released into
    the US shortly after their apprehension.
    • Secure the southern border by immediate construction of a physical wall.
    • Detain individuals.
    • Expedite determinations of apprehended individuals’ claims of eligibility to remain
    in the US.
    • Prompt removal of those whose claims were lawfully rejected.
    • Partnerships with State and local law enforcement
  3. Executive Order 13768, End Sanctuary Cities and Enforce Immigration Law in the
    Interior, Jan. 30, 2017
    • Directs executive departments and agencies to employ all lawful means to
    enforce the immigration laws of the United States.
  4. Policy Guidance, Implementing Migrant Protection Protocols, Feb. 28, 2019• Half dozen guidance documents implementing the Migrant Protection Protocols –
    Citizens and nationals of countries other than Mexico (“third-country nationals”)
    arriving in the US by land from Mexico-illegally or without proper documentationmay be returned to Mexico pursuant to Section 235(b)(2)(C) for the duration of
    their Section 240 removal proceedings.
  5. Proclamation 9880, End Mass Migration Limits on Entry, Jan. 30, 2017
    • Extends the suspension and limitation, as set forth below, on entry into the US
    through the southern border established by Proclamation 9822 and extended by
    Proclamation 9842 – any alien into the US across the international boundary
    between the US and Mexico is hereby suspended and limited. Limit shall expire
    90 days after the date on which the US obtains relief from all injunctions that
    prevent full implementation of the interim final rule promulgated by the
    Departments of Justice and Homeland Security on November 9, 2018, or the
    date on which an agreement permits the US to remove aliens to Mexico in
    compliance with the terms of section 208(a)(2)(A) of the INA.
  6. Memorandum, Enhanced Border Security, April 29, 2019
    • Improve the integrity of adjudications of credible and reasonable fear claims, to
    strengthen the enforcement of the immigration laws, and to ensure compliance
    with the law by those aliens who have final orders of removal.
    • All asylum applications adjudicated in immigration court proceedings receive final
    administrative adjudication, not including administrative appeal, within 180 days
    of filing.
  7. Memorandum, Secure the Southern Border, April 4, 2018
    • The President may assign a mission to the Secretary of Defense to support the
    operations of the Department of Homeland Security in securing our southern
    border, including by requesting use of the National Guard, and to take other
    necessary steps to stop the flow of deadly drugs and other contraband, gang
    members and other criminals, and illegal aliens into the country.
  8. DHS Notice, Expedited Removal, July 23, 2019
    • Designate for expedited removal the following categories of aliens not previously
    designated: (1) Aliens who did not arrive by sea, who are encountered anywhere
    in the United States more than 100 air miles from a U.S. international land
    border, and who have been continuously present in the United States for less
    than two years; and (2) aliens who did not arrive by sea, who are encountered
    within 100 air miles from a U.S. international land border, and who have been
    continuously present in the United States for at least 14 days but for less than
    two years. Therefore, the designation in this Notice (the New Designation)
    harmonizes the authorization for aliens arriving by land with the existing
    authorization for aliens arriving by sea.
    Staff Contact: Paige Agostin,, 202-225-4761
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No Amnesty Act
In less than 3 months, the Biden Administration ushered the country into another border
crisis, and his policies and comments have fueled cartels and brought the influx of aliens at
the southern border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) is currently encountering
more than 3,000 unlawful aliens a day that are attempting to cross the border. CPB
encountered the largest number of illegal immigrants in one month in more than seven years
as the agency encountered more than 100,000 unlawful aliens in the month of February
Biden’s border czar Roberta Jacobson acknowledged it was Biden’s policies that “may have
driven people to make that decision [to attempt to cross the border].”
This lawlessness threatens the safety and sovereignty of the American people. Rep. Lauren
Boebert’s “No Amnesty Act,” prohibits funding to enforce or carry out the Biden and Obama
administration’s executive actions that threaten our national and border security and fuel the
exploitation of people.
Specifically, the bill prohibits funding for:

  1. Memorandum, Enforcement and Removal Priorities, Feb. 18, 2021
    • Allows criminal aliens with felony records to remain in the country, placing
    Americans at risk of many preventable crimes.
  2. Executive Order, Impact of Climate Change on Migration, Feb. 9, 2021
    • Unlawfully expands the traditional and legal understanding of “refugee” under
    Section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to include socalled “climate refugees.”
  3. Executive Order, Asylum Seekers, Feb. 5, 2021
    • Suspends the Trump Administration’s Asylum Cooperative Agreements with
    certain Central American countries and five other Trump actions leading to the
    ongoing border crisis.
  4. Executive Order, Civil Immigration Enforcement Policies and Priorities, Jan. 25, 2021
    • Provides sanctuary for criminal aliens and only removes those who have been
    convicted of “aggravated felonies.” Even with a conviction for an “aggravated
    felony,” only those felons determined to be a “threat to public safety” can be
  5. Executive Order, Inclusion Efforts, Feb. 5, 2021
    • Implementation of a less stringent civic examination for citizenship applicants.
  6. Memorandum, Preserve and Fortify DACA, Jan. 25, 2021
    • Unconstitutional attempt to grant general amnesty. • Nearly 90% of DACA recipients are older than 20, and ~130,000 DACA
    recipients are in their 30s.
    • The DREAM Act will provide amnesty to more than 2 million unlawful aliens.
  7. Memorandum, Removal of Undocumented Immigrants, Nov. 20, 2014
    • Set new policies for the apprehension, detention, and removal of aliens in this
  8. Memorandum, Secure Communities, Nov. 20, 2014
    • Terminates the partnership among federal, state, and local law enforcement
    agencies to effectively identify and remove the most serious criminal offenders
    from the US.
  9. Memorandum, Prosecutorial Discretion (DACA), Nov. 20, 2014
    • Provides prosecutorial discretion to the DHS and its immigration components to
    effectively construct the law as they see fit rather than follow the codified statues.
    • Nearly 90% of DACA recipients are older than 20, and ~130,000 DACA
    recipients are in their 30s.
    • The DREAM Act will provide amnesty to more than 2 million unlawful aliens.
  10. Memorandum, Expansion of the Provisional Waiver Program, Nov. 20, 2014
    • Expands the provisional waiver process to anyone else who did not qualify for
    permanent residence in the US because they are currently out of status and are
    not immediate relatives.
  11. Memorandum, Advance Parole, Nov. 20, 2014
    • Expands the definition of “departure” within the meaning of section 212(a)(9)(B)(i)
    of the INA.
  12. Memorandum, Prosecutorial Discretion, June 15, 2012
    • Provides prosecutorial discretion to the DHS and its immigration components to
    effectively construct the law as they see fit rather than follow the codified statues.
    • Nearly 90% of DACA recipients are older than 20, and ~130,000 DACA
    recipients are in their 30s.
    • The DREAM Act will provide amnesty to more than 2 million unlawful aliens.
  13. Memorandum, Revised Referral of Cases Involving Inadmissible and Removable Aliens,
    Nov. 7, 2011
    • More leeway in ICE determinations to issue a Notice to Appear (NTA), based on
    the totality of circumstances and its priorities.
  14. Memorandum, Prosecutorial Discretion Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of
    Aliens, June 17, 2011
    • Provides prosecutorial discretion to DHS to decide to what degree to enforce the
    law against a particular individual – rather than follow established law.
  15. Memorandum, Priorities for Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Aliens, March 2,
    • Revised ICE civil enforcement priorities that lead to dangerous criminals
    remaining in the U.S.
  16. Prohibition on any substantially similar policy.
    Staff Contact: Paige Agostin,, 202-225-4761
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The tentative date for the next meeting of the Gunnison County Republican Central Committee is Saturday, April 10, 2021 at the Almont Resort, 8:30 AM. If you wish to order breakfast, please arrive at 8:00 AM. We meet in the back bar/lounge area. Questions, please email Jane at

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