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Aspen Adam Gets Called Out in Daily Sentinel

In the October 10 Daily Sentinel, Aspen Adam Frisch got called out in the Letters to the Editor section for his recent op-ed on the BLM “conservation rule”. The piece was eerily similar to statements and press releases that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has put out of the previous five months, as she co-sponsored HR3397 to rescind the rule back in May while Frisch failed to take a position on it until last week. You can read the letter at the link here or see it in the attached PDF.
The move by BLM would be damaging to ranchers, farmers, and the entire rural Colorado community as it would lock up lands from public use. It would have a serious negative impact on grazing, livestock, recreational use, and energy production.
We’re very grateful to Martha LaBarr for stepping up and getting a response submitted in a timely fashion!
Key takeaways:
-Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been fighting the BLM’s so-called “conservation rule” since May, while Aspen Adam Frisch just announced the same position as hers last week.
-Rep. Boebert is standing with ranchers, farmers, energy producers, and the citizens of rural Colorado by leading the fight against this brazen land grab from the Biden Administration.
-A quickly submitted Letter to the Editor on a timely topic has a great chance to get printed and can push back against a misleading narrative set by Democrats like Frisch.

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