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Lauren Boebert Wins for 3rd District Kids + Farmers with 8 Amendments Passed on House Ag Bill

Last week, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert successfully passed 8 different amendments as part of the House Agriculture Appropriations Bill. The amendments include directing more resources to initiatives like the National School Lunch Program, which more than 150 schools in the 3rd District participate in, and reducing invasive pests that damage crops and harm the agriculture industry.

“Passing these amendments is a major victory for rural Colorado that will be felt by 3rd District kids who deserve to have quality meals at school and the farmers who desperately need help fighting off harmful pests to protect crops like sweet corn and potatoes,” said Congresswoman Boebert. “I fought in January to make sure Members would have their voices heard on their own amendments to floor legislation, just like the ones I brought forward on this bill. I’m very proud to have passed these 8 amendments to the Ag Bill that will benefit children, families, and the agriculture community in the 3rd District.”

The 8 amendments for the House Agriculture Appropriations Bill (H.R. 4368) covered the following subjects:

-Redirecting resources to the National School Lunch Program (Amendment 154)

-Invests money into reducing harmful pests that damage crops (Amendment 155)

-More resources for grants that go towards construction of rural water and waste systems (Amendment 151)

-Increases money for grants dedicated to school breakfast programs and purchase of school equipment (Amendment 152)

-Additional funds to go towards forestry research to better manage forests and contain future wildfires (Amendment 153)

-Raises funds for Inspector General to hold bureaucrats accountable and identify instances of waste, fraud, and abuse (Amendment 132)

-Stops USDA from directing resources towards the purchase of gender ideology books, guides, and programs (Amendment 146)

-Uses Holman Rule to reduce salary of Deputy Under Secretary of the Food and Nutrition Service of the Department of Agriculture (Amendment 138)


Lauren Boebert is the Congresswoman for the U.S House of Representatives (CO-3). Learn more at

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