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Proposition “HH” is not good for Coloradans!

Review the recently passed legislation that will change our taxes and TABOR refunds!
Regardless of what it is called…
Proposition “HH” is not good for Coloradans!

What does SB23-303 and Prop “HH” mean to you?
View Bill Text:

Prop HH is an end-run around TABOR’s spending cap. It is a raid on TABOR refunds so the state can spend them instead of taxpayers. Prop HH eventually would end TABOR refunds for everyone in exchange for a tiny property tax benefit to homeowners. Forty percent of Coloradans rent. They would receive no benefit but would lose their TABOR refunds.”  Maurice Emmer, May 16, 2023

If you missed the Virtual Town Hall on June 28th, you can view the event here:
Legislators and panelists:
Moderator: Maurice Emmer, Retired Attorney,
Senator Barb Kirkmeyer (SD23),
Representative Rose Pugliese (HD14),

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