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NEWS: Rep. Lauren Boebert Responds To Smears From Denver-Based, Dark Money Group

Earlier this week, Rocky Mountain Values, a Denver-based, dark-money group reorganized with the sole purpose of attacking Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, released a letter with a number of misleading points and smears designed to confuse 3rd District voters about the Congresswoman’s record on Medicare. You can watch here a video on Facebook with the campaign’s entire response.
It is very important for supporters and 3rd District voters to know that Rocky Mountain Values will continue to run TV ads, op-eds, digital ads and more with the sole purpose of smearing Congresswoman Boebert’s record. They are run by Denver-based Democrat political operatives, funded by progressive dark-money groups, and they must be discredited at every opportunity.
Key takeaways:
-Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has NEVER voted to cut Medicare and NEVER voted to cut Social Security. She has and will continue to protect these programs for our seniors.
-Congresswoman Boebert has consistently fought for funding and support in health care for rural Coloradans and seniors. She secured millions in funding for community hospitals like Pueblo Community Health Center and helped Delta Health increase its Medicare reimbursement rates to keep costs low for seniors.
-Rocky Mountain Values does not share or have any of the conservative values of the 3rd District. The group is run by Denver-based Democrat operatives and funded by progressive dark-money groups. Their sole purpose is to attack Congresswoman Boebert and mislead voters about her record. 3rd District voters cannot trust Rocky Mountain Values.

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