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A note from Cori Dobson, candidate for Gunnison Watershed School Board

A note from Cori Dobson, candidate for Gunnison Watershed School Board…..
I have been asked to respond by people in our local paper about my connection with the Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser that I was asked to speak at, however, the local paper decided to make a policy that candidates are not allowed to write or respond to letters to the editor. I found this out only after writing and submitting the below letter. I have asked the the newspaper to send me a copy of the policy so I know what it is and will be sure to follow it. The letters to the editor policy mentioned in the paper did not specify this rule, only that it was a 500 word limit and that they discourage argumentative letters. I have been mentioned multiple times in the local paper about the fact that one of the items at the fundraiser that I was invited to speak at is a firearm. One writer even thought that it was a fundraiser for my campaign and other candidates campaign’s, as well. This fundraiser is put on each year by the GOP for the organization to raise funds for events, scholarships and yes, sometimes candidates. It was never specified that I would get some of the money. It is well known that Republican’s support our constitutional rights including freedom of speech and the second amendment.
“I care about the education, safety, and future success of all children. It is important for our community to have well-educated children that are successful in their future endeavors. I have taken an interest in being an active part of this community. I started attending school board meetings last fall, and city council meetings. I was surprised at the lack of participation by community members at both of these meetings, especially the school board meetings. The schools are the most important part of this community. These meetings are so important to our community and country. I know that people in our community are busy, and I hope to create a line of communication and help grow involvement of parents, teachers, and the community. When parents participate it is proven that grades improve, and students are more successful.
My top concerns for our schools are education, safety, and students’ success. Crested Butte is getting higher scores than Gunnison. It would be a goal of mine to get all of our schools to excel high above state and national averages.
At the last school board meeting it was brought up that our teachers are being compensated well compared to more than 50% of the teachers across the state. I think we are moving in the right direction. Teachers work hard and all the things they have to deal with can be overwhelming and compensation is important.
I am a Colorado native who traveled to Gunnison Valley and followed this community since I was a young child. I always knew I wanted to live here. I spent summers camping, exploring, and enjoying the beauty all around us for my entire life. I have been a paralegal for around 20 years. Research and communication are a big part of my life. I spent time researching the boards and groups that I could get involved in and when I heard about the school board openings, I felt compelled with my experience, interests, and abilities that I could contribute to this board best. I came here to be a part of the community and serve others. Another way I serve is I am an active member of the Gunnison County Republicans and was recently voted in to be the 2nd Vice Chair. I was asked to speak as a nonpartisan school board candidate at their annual fundraiser and because of scheduling conflicts with the other leaders, I have been asked to emcee the event. I also spoke at the Gunnison Immigrant group and will gladly welcome invitations from other groups. It is important to me to know more about the people, their concerns, and thoughts in our community and to create relationships, so when I am elected, I can confidently represent the voice of the people of this community. This is a nonpartisan race and position and my job as a board member is to best represent the people and what is best for the schools and not bring politics into the schools.
Cori Dobson,
Candidate for GWSD School Board

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