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BILL: Rep. Lauren Boebert’s “Trust The Science Act” Defends CO Against Wolves

On Saturday afternoon, the Montrose County GOP hosted a great Legislative Update event that featured remarks from State Senators Cleave Simpson and Perry Will as well as State Representative Marc Catlin. All three discussed the important work they’re doing to protect rural Coloradans from the liberal policies enacted in Denver, which includes protecting ranchers and farmers from grey wolves destroying their livestock. While the state can take some action, ultimately the listing of the grey wolf as an endangered species is a federal issue.
Fortunately, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is taking action on this issue. Her Trust The Science Act would delist the grey wolf as an endangered species and get the federal government out of the process of managing this animal. The bill, which has passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee has 24 co-sponsors and is supported by the Colorado Farm Bureau, the Colorado Livestock Association, and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association among many other Colorado-based organizations.
Although this may not fully fix the issue due to Colorado’s state policies, this bill is a step in the right direction for protecting the livelihoods of our ranchers and farmers in the 3rd District.
Key takeaways:
-Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is taking to action to protect Colorado ranchers and farmers with the Trust The Science Act, which would delist the grey wolf as an endangered species.
-The bill gets the federal government out of the process of managing grey wolves and creates momentum towards allowing ranchers and farmers to protect their livestock and livelihoods.
-The Congresswoman’s bill has a broad coalition of support from Colorado advocacy organizations and is a great example of how the Congresswoman is listening to local stakeholders and taking action to support her 3rd District constituents and families.

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