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Rep Marc Catlin’s Call to Action for Mental Health

Representative Marc Catlin Needs Help to Get $11 Million
for Mental Health on Western Slope

Denver, Colorado – Representative Marc Catlin is asking for the public’s help to consider, respectfully, calling or emailing the members of the Joint Conference Committee by 12 April. The members of the committee are considering removing an $11 million in one-time funds which will go toward supporting contracts for 30 additional inpatient psychiatric beds on the Western Slope. The counties of Montrose, Montezuma, and Gunnison will all receive funds from the general fund to pay for additional mental health care and services. Each county’s psychiatric bed capacity will be increased by 10 beds.

Representative Marc Catlin successfully passed an amendment through the House of Representatives, which appropriated $10,950,000 of the General Fund to go through the Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health and Forensic Services to three stated counties on the Western Slope.

Senator Rachel
Senator Jeff
Senator Barbara
Representative Shannon
Representative Emily
Representative Rod

 Thank you for your support,


Committees Assignments 

  • Vice Chair of House Agriculture, Water, and Natural Resources 
  • Ranking Member of House Transportation, Housing, and Local Government
  • Member of Capital Development Committee
  • Member of Interim Agriculture & Water Resources Review Committee 

Cell: 970-209-3436
Office: 303-866-2955 

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