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Minority Leader Lynch’s Update on Land Use and Property Tax Bills

Dear Followers of the House Minority Caucus:

In these final days of the legislative session, I know there are a lot of eyes on the shenanigans going on here at the Capitol.  I wanted to take a few moments to update those of you that follow us closely and give you a few additional details and strategy. 

First, the Governor’s Land Use Bill (SB23-213) is in the House and received 65 pages of amendments last night. Democrats began with seven amendments in an attempt to put back all the unconstitutional preemptions taken out of SB213 just so it could pass the Senate initially. 

Because the House Democrats have continued to add even more onto SB213, House Democrats appear to be on a Kamikaze mission with the Senate, and the future is uncertain.  It appears the Governor has not taken a special session off the table.

And lastly, we finally got to see the governor’s long promised property tax fix, SB23-303Reduce Property Taxes And Voter-approved Revenue Change.  Sadly, it’s even worse than we thought it might be. 

What Polis is proposing is a ballot measure that asks that you allow the state to use your TABOR refunds – that the state already owes you – to pay the government tax bill they artificially jacked up.  By the way, a tax bill to pay the government to do less at a higher cost than ever before. 

The Governor has sat on this plan with only 6 days until the end of session and says we have no PLAN B, despite Republicans bringing three viable bills to him in January that he refused to even consider.  We’ve been demanding a seat at the table for the last six months and have been denied. 

SB303 is nothing more than a tax increase, and I believe it’s possible Coloradans will vote it down come November.

 As always, thank you for your continued support and prayers.  Please feel free to send this message to your friends and family.  If they’d like to receive these messages from me and other legislative updates, click on the link HERE and we’ll add you to our emailing list.  

Minority Leader Mike Lynch discussing SB213 & SB303 with NPR reporter – YouTube

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