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Minority Leader Lynch Issues Statement in Response to SB23-109 Being Rejected By House Democrats

(Colorado StateCapitol, May 6th, 2023) –  Today, Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R-Wellington) issued the following statement in response to the House Judiciary Committee Democrats voting to reject SB23-109 “Criminal Penalty Controlled Substance Supplier. This bill would have made it a level 1 felony to sell drugs to someone that results in death.

“What world do we live in where legislators come to the defense of criminals over the concerns of victims? In the dark of night and in the last hours of the legislative session, eight House Democrats rallied to support the drug trade in our state by giving a pass to drug dealers who prey upon people’s addictions,” stated Leader Lynch. “We have an epidemic of death from illicit drug use in Colorado, and this bill would have given justice to those families that have endured the loss of a loved one at the hands of drug dealers who sell poison to vulnerable Coloradans.

We have a duty as legislators to pass strong laws that protect the vulnerable and punish those that prey on the weak. But unfortunately, SB109 and the citizens of Colorado did not receive the fair and just hearing they deserved in the the House Judiciary Committee. Sadly, it’s become a familiar pattern in the Democrat-controlled legislature to ignore the suffering of crime victims, only to make excuses for criminals who wreak havoc on our communities. We will never reduce crime and restore justice until we hold criminals accountable for their crimes and lawmakers accountable for their indifference.”

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