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ISSUE BRIEF: Rep. Lauren Boebert Standing Up For Veterans

Attached for your use is a one-page brief that highlights the work Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has done for our veterans since serving in Congress. This is a very important issue that we will need your help on in setting the record straight, so please do not hesitate to use the talking points from these letters as social media posts, letters to the editor, or forwarding on to your email lists.
Additionally, the PACT Act vote is addressed in the final section which comes down to the following: Rep. Lauren Boebert will responsibly vote no on bills that do more harm to veterans than actually helping them because of poorly written legislation and increases to our VA backlog, as well as piling on billions in debt that our veterans and future generations will be stuck paying off.
Thanks to Rep. Boebert’s work in the Speaker’s nomination race, this Congress now has a rule of single-subject legislation so Democrats can’t pile pork and progressive items into a bill and title it as a Veterans’ bill.
Key takeaways:
-Rep. Lauren Boebert has voted for a number of veteran-specific bills that were signed into law, including permanent funding for veteran benefits and an increase to the 2022 COLA for veterans.
-Congresswoman Boebert introduced six bipartisan pro-veteran amendments to the 2023 VA Appropriations Bill which were all passed, increasing funding for issues like prosthetic research, suicide awareness, burial benefits for families, and extended care.
-Congresswoman Boebert introduced and passed more amendments to this bill than any other Member of Congress.
-Congresswoman Boebert will always vote in favor of bills that actually provide benefits to veterans when they’re paid for and written responsibly, but she will not vote for “veteran” bills that do more harm to our veterans than helping them. Legislation that adds benefits without a plan to pay for them, would add to our already massive VA backlog, and do not have a majority of the bill dedicated to veterans should be rejected.

Protecting and Fighting For Our Veterans
Our veterans have made immense sacrifices to protect our freedoms and sacred way
of life as Americans. We will never be able to fully repay the debt we owe them, but
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has fought every day for responsible funding and
meaningful resources for 3rd District veterans to make sure they are taken care of
when they retire from duty.
Read more on how Congresswoman Boebert has stood up for veterans in the 3rd
District and across the country every single day:
Congresswoman Boebert has voted for four major veteran bills that were signed into
law, including funding for permanent benefits for veterans and a significant 2022
COLA increase for veterans receiving compensation for their service. These were
common-sense bills that directly impacted and improved the lives of veterans in the
rd District.
As part of the 2023 VA Appropriations Bill that passed through the House,
Congresswoman Boebert introduced and passed with bipartisan approval six
different amendments that increased funding by millions for veterans on issues like
prosthetic research, suicide awareness, burial services, and extended care for
veterans. Congresswoman Boebert introduced more pro-veteran amendments than
any other Member of Congress as part of the most recent VA Appropriations bill.
When government bureaucrats refused to come to work after the COVID pandemic,
Congresswoman Boebert held them accountable by demanding they return to the
office to start addressing the unacceptable backlog of VA cases. Thanks to
Congresswoman Boebert’s efforts, bureaucrats returned to working in-person and
we saw the backlog of VA cases dramatically reduced.
Veterans deserve legislation that makes sense and invests resources toward helping
them get the care they deserve, not wasteful & frivolous spending that creates more
problems. Congresswoman Boebert has responsibly voted no on bills that drastically
increase our backlog of VA cases without a meaningful solution to fix the problem or
long-term revenue to pay for the costs. Rep. Boebert will always stand with veterans
when resources go to improving their care and bills are paid for without saddling
future generations with more debt.

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