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Dark-Money Group Misfires On Attack Against Rep. Lauren Boebert

Earlier this week, progressive dark-money group Rocky Mountain Values launched another attack against Congresswoman Lauren Boebert with more smears designed to mislead voters and not tell the truth about the Congresswoman’s voting record. You can read a fairly-balanced article on the attack ad here at Colorado Politics. The group has committed to spending $350K on this attack alone, which brings their total spend for the cycle to just under $1 million in attack pieces against Rep. Boebert.
There are a few major things you need to know about this attack and the facts behind the Congresswoman’s voting record.
First, the “star” of this hitjob is George Autobee, a radical Democrat operative from Pueblo. In his own words, George proudly worked as a full-time paid staffer for the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns. George founded Rural Colorado Values in 2020, a group specifically created to attack Congresswoman Boebert. Voters need to know George is not a nonpartisan veteran; he is a Democrat operative obsessed with tearing down Congresswoman Boebert.
Secondly, Congresswoman Boebert has consistently voted in support of care for our veterans when it meant actually providing them with the resources they deserve. She passed six bipartisan amendments as part of the VA Appropriations Bill just weeks ago that went through the House, as well as raising the funding amount for veterans by $1.5 billion. She also voted yes on the 2023 NDAA that provided billions in support for our military members and veterans, including the largest pay increase military members have received in 2 decades.
Key takeaways:
-Progressive dark-money group Rocky Mountain Values is once again smearing the record of Rep. Lauren Boebert and trying to deceive 3rd District voters with an overwhelming amount of money.
-The star of their ad is George Autobee, a leftist Democrat operative who was a paid, full-time staffer for the Clinto and Obama campaigns and has created previous organizations solely to quench his obsession with attacking Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. He is a leftist operative and should not be trusted.
-Congresswoman Boebert passed six bipartisan amendments as part of the VA Appropriations Bill that passed the House and increased funding for veterans, as well as voting for the final package that increased veterans care spending by $1.5 billion.
Below, please find some more background information on the PACT Act and why Rep. Lauren Boebert correctly voted against this poorly drafted piece of legislation:
-The PACT Act was poorly drafted and Rep. Boebert was very concerned that the VA was not prepared for the influx of new claims, and that these issues would lead to worse care for other veterans who are already backlogged.
-Unfortunately, Rep. Boebert’s concerns were well-founded as the program’s rollout has been disastrous with the website crashing, deadlines needing to be extended, the massive new caseload further overwhelming caseworkers, and the claims backlog being expected to double and increase by 400,000 within the next year.
-There were no offsets for the bill’s $325 billion over 10 years price tag and this was a National Taxpayers Union Key no vote. Even the VA estimated the House bill would cause the backlog of disability claims to increase to at least 1.5 million claims by the end of FY23.
-The bill also furthered the woke left’s agenda by differentiating between gender and biological sex.

Please help us correct the record by spreading this to your networks and helping us push back against these awful attacks from dark-money group Rocky Mountain Values.

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