By Fae Davidson

This is a pivotal moment in American History.

It is tempting to be fearful.

Don’t be fearful.

Instead, we need to STAND FIRM in our spiritual authority given to us by God.

The corruption, fraud & manipulation we are seeing in our election process

     nationwide is an attack from the pit of Hell.

It is a moment of potential INTIMIDATION.

The enemy of our souls is looking to devour this nation – always has from the

     very beginning.

He’s been whittling away at it from the beginning and we’ve been letting him –

     mostly out of lack of knowledge of what to do about it.

But God is now raising up a roar from His people who will pray in His

     sudden demonstration of His justice – a tidal wave of His justice.

In prayer and in our hearts we must surrender this election to His hands,

     not try to keep it in ours.

His ways are not our ways but He WILL give us strength to persevere.

HE is going to topple the arrogant villains.

But don’t blame the Earthly villains.

     Blame the enemy of our souls who is behind their words and actions.

Reject the temptation to throw in the towel and say, “It’s over.”


Reject the voices that say we need to accept defeat and give in to manipulation –

     a word that means “witchcraft”, by the way.

This is NOT about being obstinate about losing an election

     (which we haven’t lost yet no matter how many fireworks were set off

     in Delaware last night),

But some are already accusing us of being bad sports. 

Respectfully STAND FIRM in ignoring that.

This is about so much more than one election.

This is about preservation of a nation God established for His purposes.

He’s not going to abandon us now!

Credit God with exposure of the corruption FINALLY coming to pass

     and that exposure PROVES He is not done with America.

He will do it, not us, if we leave it in HIS hands.

When prayer was taken out of our schools –


When abortion was legalized and we began being forced to pay for it –


Our predecessors possibly didn’t act as one about these things because it seemed

     so impossible that it could really happen. 

     So you can hardly blame them for that. 

But it did happen.

However, we are wise to it now and we CAN say NO to it.

Ignore the voices that say God is done with America.

Now, with a Presidential Election hanging in the balance and when our

amazing founding principles and Constitution and entire system of governance is being threatened with annihilation –


And we need to STAND FIRM and STAND UP to it.

We are NOT to keel over and whimper and say, “Go ahead, take it.”

Too many people have fought and died to come to, found and maintain this

nation for it to be said that our generation gave up and gave it over so easily.



This is not only about us and our ancestors, but also about our children and their

     children and their children.

But what can each of us as individuals do?

Recognized the authority God has given to each and every one of us.

Our job is to STAND FIRM – each and every one of us.

     Reject all vain imaginations when we hear the media reports.

     No matter what any man declares, God’s declaration is above that.

God ultimately raises up our leaders and He has had ENOUGH of man’s

     manipulations about it.

     Let this storm pass while the corruption is being exposed.

     If you have been declaring that it’s over – cut it out – it is NOT.

     Instead declare that God is in control and His surprise is coming.

     We’re all tired but we must not become impatient.

          “We’re never as tired as we think we are.

          We’re never as weak as we think we are!”

God is going to do what He is going to do.

But He’s looking for us to remain faithful to raising up a STAND-ARD for  His

     purposes and believing, declaring and decreeing that He will hear us

     in this critical hour.

Really – He already HAS heard us. 

He WILL act on our behalf.

You’ve heard this many times before but let us not consider it trite to

     understand what He tells us, as God’s people, to do:

     “if my people, who bear my name, will humble themselves, pray,

     seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive

     their sin and heal their land.”

He is bringing us a GIGANTIC HEALING in revealing and dealing with this


Here’s a quote from Joseph Stalin:

     “Those who CAST the votes decide nothing.

     Those who COUNT the votes decide everything.

But he apparently didn’t know our God as we do.


Between now and Thanksgiving the corruption will continue to bubble

     up to the surface and be exposed and then will be dealt with.

That has needed to happen in this country for a LONG, LONG TIME!

We must persevere during this time of exposure.

Does anyone know the definition of Divine Providence?:

     “God’s intervention in the affairs of men.”

So, sometime between Thanksgiving and even possibly on January 18,

     God in His Divine Providence, is about to bring a miracle surprise to all of us.

He will do it, not us.

May we not commit the sin of turning away in unbelief in His Divine

     Providence but continue to display our faith in Him to Him.

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