This letter from Colorado State Representative Ron Hanks says it all!

FROM: Representative Ron Hanks                                                                                        18Jun2021

TO: The Citizens of Colorado

        Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

I read Colorado Secretary of State Griswold’s propaganda press release of June 17th, then set it aside.  That was the right thing to do: It allowed hundreds of comments to pour in from Americans who thanked me for going to the election audit in Arizona.  They then excoriated Secretary Griswold for her immature, partisan attacks on the concerns of average citizens. 

If Ms. Griswold’s intent was to enrage the citizenry with her contempt, she was wholly successful.  Using such terms as “The Big Lie”, “sham audits”, and later in a tweet, “fraudits”, her disgusting partisan bias was fully exposed.     

Allow me to be equally civil to Secretary Griswold in our response:  The people are PISSED OFF. 

Secretary Griswold, the people are pissed off at your comments, your actions, and your ruling-class decree that only the government may audit itself.  If the public cannot see what their government has done in public elections, it is not an open government.  It is tyranny.  The citizens of Colorado understand VERY well these elections belong to the people, not to the government or its agents. 

Colorado’s Secretary of State would do well to recognize and remember it.

I don’t expect Ms. Griswold has much use for military history, but she should hear the story of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto:  Admiral Yamamoto knew this country well – he studied at Harvard and was an attaché in Washington DC.  He planned and executed the attack on Pearl Harbor with cunning, but also with trepidation, because he knew the American people and what would happen after that bold attack.  He stated it plainly, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” 

Indeed, Secretary Griswold, that is all you have done.  You can poke and taunt a bear from the power of your office, thinking it a grand time and that your fans will adore you, but when the bear turns to confront you, the game has changed.  Your arrogance of power, your dismissive tones, your mockery of Americans’ desire for confirmed truth has fanned the flames of this fire.  You have exposed your fear of truth and public scrutiny.  Yours was a foolish move, Secretary Griswold, and future options become limited by such arrogant autocratic behavior. 

There is still time:  I urge Secretary Griswold to immediately apologize and retract her caustic statements, then assist the voters in an independent 3rd party audit of the 2020 Colorado election.   

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