Monday, November 11 is Veterans Day. This day was set aside to honor all men and women who have served honorably in the United Stated Military.  The date came about because it was on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour in 1918 when the Armistice with Germany went in to affect.  In 1954 the day was renamed Veterans Day.

On Veterans Day in Gunnison County, residents can come together to honor our military veterans at 11 AM at Jorgensen’s Park.  Join military veterans, active military, the Boy Scouts and their families. Our County Historian, Duane Vandenbusche will be giving a short talk.

There are many ways an individual can honor our military veterans. Attend our local Veterans Day event, proudly fly your American flag, ask an aging Veteran about their time in the military or about a song that takes them back to their time in the service; visit the gravesite of a Veteran, say a prayer for those who are serving in the Military now, take a Veteran out to dinner or take dinner to a homebound Veteran and, learn about a past/current war or conflict by watching a movie or read a book. 

As we go about our lives all around America, I hope everyone takes at least a moment to pause and remember why we are the freest nation on earth, how that came to be and why so many people stand in line to come here and become US Citizens. May God continue to bless our country.

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