Quick Connect to Candidates

Gunnison County Republicans, the information below provides a link to candidates being supported by the County Republican Committee. For a brief synopsis to help you learn more about each of them, you can click on the “Meet the Candidates” link at the very bottom, to scroll through a brief overview of each candidate. If you have questions, please call Chair Jane Chaney, 970-349-7744 or email JChaney@q.com


Dave Taylor, Republican Candidate Gunnison County Commissioner, District 1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koa.dave

Trudy Vader, Unaffiliated Candidate Gunnison County Commissioner, District 2

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vote-Trudy-Vader-112706720504185


Kim McGahey, Colorado House District 61

Web site:  https://www.kimforhd61.com

Marilyn Harris, Colorado House District 59

Web site: https://www.marilynharrisforcolorado.com

Joyce Rankin, Colorado School Board

Web site: https://www.votejoycerankin.com

Seth Ryan, DA in 7th Judicial District

Web site: https://electsethryan.com


Lauren Boebert, US Congressional District 3

Web site: https://laurenforcolorado.com

Cory Gardner, US Senate

Web site: https://www.corygardnerforsenate.com

If you would like to read brief bio’s and information about each candidate, follow this link!https://gunnisoncountyrepublicans.org/meet-local-district-statewide-and-federal-candidates

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