Olen Lund Republican for Colorado Senate District 5


Olen’s priorities for Western Colorado…

The need for good paying jobs remains a major hurdle for the economic growth of the small communities that dot the landscape across Senate District 5.  I want to invite light manufacturing to come to west-central Colorado.  I will stand up for the small shops, pharmacies, and manufacturers who still make their home in this Distsrict.  I will stand up for the men and women who earn their living in agriculture, energy, tourism, and recreation. Agriculture continues to be a top priority.  Not only does agriculture mean jobs, it also drives our quality of life.  It provides more than $5 billion in economic output every year from our state.  We need to push for value added crops, defend new farming concepts, and yes, recognize that Agriculture is Agriculture. Agriculture, energy, tourism, and recreation are all important employers in Senate District 5.  And each of them needs a well educated work force to keep going.  Making sure we support and fund elementary and high schools In rural Colorado is crucial to employers that want to make Senate District 5 their home.  Educating our children must be a priority.  My wife, Debbie, is a teacher.  I know how hard she works, and I know her passion for teaching kids.  Education will be a priority for me in the state Senate.

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