Mark Mykol Gunnison County Sheriff

Citizens of all political stripes need to carefully consider all factors when deciding on who they’ll vote for sheriff.  We have two good men running and there are some striking differences.

First, experience is one thing but current extensive experience is another.  Mark Mykol has been an active, full-time, engaged member of our Sheriff’s Office for more than 12 years.  His experience doesn’t go back 30 years but one could wonder how relevant 30 year old experience really is compared to the 12 most recent years.  And, Mark Mykol’ s most recent experience isn’t as a part time patrol deputy, it’s been as Undersheriff for Gunnison County.

Mykol started with our Sheriff’s office as a patrol deputy 12 years ago.  However his hard work, extra effort, and leadership skills were recognized and rewarded as he was promoted to Sergeant then Undersheriff.

Anyone who truly knows him understands that his quiet, caring, focused and inclusive leadership style has been an asset to our Sheriff’s Office.  He is driven by learning, listening and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His current experience also includes day-to-day guidance and support of employees in the Detention Center, Alternative Services, Patrol Unit, Emergency Operations, and Administrative Assistants.  We believe his leadership style and naturally caring nature is not only an asset to those around him at work, but also to our residents, businesses, victims, the accused and to his positive relationships with other law enforcement agencies here and around the state.

We have been made aware of “untruths” that are being circulated about Mark Mykol.  This not only saddens us, it reflects poorly on those who are supporting Mark’s opponent. That’s why we encourage everyone to reach out to Mark and get to honestly know him.  You can contact him by using the email form at  He works full time so this approach is better initially, than a phone call.

VOTE Mark Mykol for Sheriff because we need to elect the very best person for this very important job.  This isn’t just a popularity contest. PLEASE VOTE Mark Mykol for Gunnison County Sheriff!

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