Unaffiliated fourth-generation Gunnison resident running for county commissioner.

June 22, 2020 – The paperwork is done and it’s official that Trudy Vader, a fourth generation Gunnison resident, is running for District 2 county commissioner.

As someone who is not affiliated with the two major political parties, Vader has the option to petition onto the November 2020 ballot. Unaffiliated voters do not hold a caucus or assembly, therefore unaffiliated candidates do not have that path to be printed on the primary ballot. She is now tasked with obtaining 173 valid Gunnison County registered voter signatures by the July 27 deadline.

Vader’s family in Gunnison County dates back to an 1881 ranch started by her great-grandfather Palmer H. Vader. Palmer was known for his progressive ranching and dedication to serving the folks in Gunnison County. Trudy worked for some time on the family ranch training horses. Later on, as a single mom of two, Kayla and Scott, she achieved a K-12 art education degree from Western State College in 1994 and graduated with a master’s degree in art from Adams State College in 1998. Her final degree was an ED.S. in administrative leadership and policy studies from University of Colorado Denver in 2007.

Vader’s professional career included 13 years teaching Art in the Mancos, Rocky Ford and Yuma School Districts and, at Lamar Community College. Following her education in administrative leadership and policy studies, she was a high school and middle school principal for 7 years in the Huerfano and Cripple Creek School Districts.  Her career in education culminated as Superintendent of the Hayden School District.

Through her school administration experience, she has worked with many state, county and city governing entities, including county commissioners.  Being in leadership roles in mostly socio-economically depressed rural areas during the latest major recession, she believes she is especially equipped with the necessary experience to oversee operational budgets in an efficient and effective manner.  In addition to her work experience, she served on the Board for Southern Teller County Health Service District as secretary.

Vader is running because “having all of our county elected leaders being like-minded creates lopsided governance and little reason to critically examine issues,” she says. “This type of decision-making has been firmly seeded in our county for too long and it’s become a glaring problem, sometimes thrusting Gunnison County into national headlines in a negative light.”

She is looking for support from across the political spectrum and from those that believe we need a leader in Gunnison County with common sense and who is an independent creative thinker.  Vader says, “I’m a leader who has the ability to consider the effects of decision making from the big picture and the long view.  I will be a leader willing to listen and work in a collaborative manner for the good of Gunnison County.”

To contact Vader with your questions, ideas and comments please email her at VoteTrudyVader@gmail.com or call her at 970) 975-1611. 

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