This election provides very clear choice for Americans. Putting personalities aside and focusing on policy and public sentiment, 59% believe they are better off today than they were 4 years ago. About half or 11 million people have gone back to work post-COVID. Unemployment before COVID was 3.5% and during peak COVID rose to 14.7%; it is now at 7.9%. Policies that got us to 3.5% will continue to bring that number down if President Trump is re-elected. And, his plans include another middle-class tax cut and trimming unnecessary bureaucracy to reduce cost and put patients closer to doctors, avoiding government run access to healthcare.

Several national and international pharma companies are working 24/7 to develop a COVID vaccine that will meet the testing and scrutiny of the CDC and NIH and hopefully be ready to distribute by the end of this year. Under Operation Warp Speed, our military logistics arm stands ready to first get vaccines out to senior care centers around the country. A partnership with the federal government, Walgreens and CVS, will get vaccines to other seniors and immune-compromised Americans. All this has happened in 7 months whereas it usually takes years or decades.

Peace deals have been brokered by the US between Israel and Sudan, the UAE and Bahrain as well as normalizing relations between Serbia and Kosovo. In the past few days, a ceasefire was brokered between Armenia and Azerbaijan at the behest of the US. ISIS and their leaders have been squelched. And, we are slowly bringing our military home from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. And, it’s been over a year since North Korea has launched a test missile. Working for world peace is a good thing.

The GDP loss in the last quarter is projected to make it up this quarter plus more, which indicates a snap back in our economy. Housing starts, auto sales and retail sales are having strong growth, another good indicator of consumer confidence.

On the local scene, we have two great county commissioner candidates in Unaffiliated Trudy Vader and Republican Dave Taylor who will bring expanded visions and broader discussion to our county leadership. They will represent many voices in the county who believe that’s not happening right now having 3 Democrat commissioners.

It was interesting that Jonathan Houck’s postcard mailing which touts his experience, simply lists 6 committees he’s sat on. Under leadership, he lists 7 subjects but not one actual accomplishment. One would think that after 8 years in public office the entire postcard would have been filled with accomplishments on behalf of his constituents. But it didn’t. With experience having such value to Jonathan, one wonders how a long-time resident businessman, accountant and community volunteer/mentor could lose to his Democrat opponent who has very little direct experience that translates to a county leadership position.

We hope people research the candidates and vote based on the best person to lead our county in to the future and not based on ideology and political party. Americans, Coloradoans and Gunnison County residents have clear and distinct policy differences to consider.

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